Sunday, 11 March 2012

Attitude for Gratitude post – week 10

Firstly, I’m happy to have been able to enjoy the first day of sunshine. We worked in the garden to get it ready for spring.


I’m grateful that Adri came (again) to help us. The three of us get a lot done in one day. Four trees have been replanted. Three beeches and one that I don’t know the name of Blushing.


One of the un-pruned espaliers. We have 6!


The espaliers has been pruned.


Came across this ladybug while clearing the debris (leaves and branches).


Removed the green moss from our garden paths today too. Always amazed what some sun & chemicals can do. The paths look like new.

Tickled with this new vase. Love this combination! Doesn’t this make you happy.


Light-hearted after my coaching session last Tuesday. So many new insights. There is more clarity on my destiny. My personal and work-related goals and ambitions seem to come together. This makes me happy. Meeting new colleagues who are inspiring. 

Chuffed with this nearly finished thread catcher


Pretty pleased with this nearly finishing baby Jane.


Delighted for being able to make this macchiato. The photo isn’t bad either Batting Eyelashes


Gleeful, having rediscovered oatmeal with blueberries. It is a very healthy breakfast according to the specialists. 


I’m glad we had an enjoyable meal with friends at a restaurant in Zwolle last night. It was also really nice that I was chauffeured. Thank you hubby.

Looking forward to week 11. It can only get better!


Rennie said...

Wat een positieve energie!

Berna said...

Wat lekker dat jullie al in de tuin bezig zijn geweest. En het etentje is goed bevallen gisteren zo te zien. Fijne week en ipv morgenavond zitten we dinsdag bij juud.

Teresa said...

Hi Helen, your photos are just beautiful... especially that vase of flowers!!!Thanks for visiting my blog today, and I tried to reply to you, but you come up as a non reply blogger.. If you want, I can tell you how to change that..
This is my reply to your comment...Hi Helen,
It's awful to feel homesick... but I'm really glad you liked my photos and gave you a trip down Memory Lane. I love Brisbane, but it is an hours drive away for me, so I don't go very often. I always wish I did though, when I finally get in there. After the floods last year, Brisbane is looking very beautiful again.
Cheers to you from Australia!!

suz said...

I'm actually commenting on a previous post. I sometimes comment on a blog. I don't often comment on your blog because I find that often you offer so much to think about and I wouldn't know what to say that wouldn't detract from it. I really appreciate that you give us insights into your journey. Thank you.

ruthsplace said...

Your garden is looking just lovely.