Saturday, 31 March 2012

I’ve got QRS!!

This month two BOM’s arrived in the post.

Part two of the Civil War Journals.



Block 3 of the Spirit of Sacagawea.



The number of blocks that I need to make are resulting in QRS (quilt related stress). I’ve only unpacked the parcels to have a look and admire the fabrics. I don’t know when I’m going to start!

Here are the two other blocks.

This is block 1.



Block 2



I think I’m going to use the 3-day weekend at the end of April to make a start. I’m not going to plan anything else. I’m really going to commit to this. 

All of a sudden I have this thought, maybe I should take block 2 to my bee (FIETS-groep) coming Wednesday. I’m sure Aagje, my quilt teacher, will get me going.

All of a sudden I feel a little less stressed.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Attitude for Gratitude – week 12

I’m grateful that we are still in the running for an international publication. Received reviewer comments and at the moment we are processing their suggestions. It always surprises me, that my first reaction is ‘oh no’ that is too much to digest. We will never meet their demands. Scared that this article will never get published and that all our work was for nothing. But once I put my thinking cap on, and really focus on what they are asking, it never seems to be so bad. Still, we do need to make some adjustments. 

Yesterday I made the decision to work on the article on Sunday instead of Saturday as planned. In hindsight, I’m pleased that I did that. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my day. There is nothing better than sitting in our bear chair, with a coffee, Pavlova & Kindle, and basking in the sun between chores.


I’m grateful because it gave me so much energy, that I’m feeling completely blissful. We pottered in the backyard. Hubby planted some scrubs that I bought in the morning. I cleaned two bear chairs. Removing the green algae. The day ended with our first BBQ for this season. Hubby made lovely burgers.


Happy that daylight saving time is upon us again.


Daylight saving means to me that we are leaving the winter behind us and getting ready for the summer. I love transitions, as you may have noticed.  Although it meant we had one hour less sleep last night. Love summertime.

Delighted that we have been invited to a wedding. Friends of ours have finally decided to take the plunge. Looking forward to our second trip to the UK. But that won’t be till the end of July.

Yes, it really looks like all my friends are getting married. I remember this song from long time ago. It was a hit in my pre-teen years in Australia. Do you remember Skyhooks, the Australian rock band? Happy memories Striaght Face

Slowly accepting that I’m really a researcher. One of my primary drivers is that I try to analyse how to get from A to B, constantly.

imageBeing a researcher is like standing at the edge of the abyss and not knowing which step to take next. Researchers dwell a long time on which step to take next and then finally move forward. Not knowing if you will find the answer or when you will find it, is intoxicating but a process which I can’t avoid. Sometimes it’s a step forward and other times it is step aside. I’ve even come to realize that taking a step back is sometime wise. After many years, I’ve come to realize that the shortest way from A to B, is when you know what B is. Sadly, many search / dwell forever trying to find what B is. I’ve decided that B is not a destination in which you arrive, it is the journey there. I determine my destiny, by the direction I’m taking.

Delighted that I was able to order the third generation iPad. Saving and having some money in my piggy bank is paying off.

piggy bank

Saturday, 24 March 2012

It is ordered

I only now need to wait till it gets here!


PS. I got this red cover too Dont tell anyone


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thread catcher & pin cushion

L ook what the postman brought today. 2012_03_221

I got myself a new pincushion and some wooden thread spools. The pincushion was made by Simone from Atelier Soed Idee. I would never be able to embroider so neatly.

Had to let you know I finally finished making my thread catcher. This is what I did this Thursday evening. Applause please!


As you can see, Teddy loves seeing me being creative. He can’t keep his eye of my work in progress.

Springing up

This celestial event marks the start of the season of growth; "the emerging buds were a sure sign of spring"


"Springtime" to me means birth, renewal, growth, youth, and starting fresh.

I love spring! Especially the light.

The spring equinox is the time in the earth’s annual cycle around the sun in which day and night are equal in length, before the days finally start to get longer after the dominance of darkness during winter. The sun’s visual journey throughout the course of the year signifies a universal journey, which has been understood and undertaken by people throughout the world, and throughout time—the journey to enlightenment. The spring equinox stands upon the point of balance, upon which everything pivots in its motion, in the universe, in the cycles of the seasons, and within ourselves.

Spring gives us the chance to begin again, or at least renew ourselves. We look at the world around us, seeing life bursting forth in flora and fauna, and use this as a sign to reawaken ourselves spiritually. I’m happy to greet this time of year.

Nearly finished my thread catcher! Love the civil war reproduction fabric.




I visited a quilting friend last night. While working on my thread catcher we did some catching-up. Really looking forward to our next meeting. ‘She’ is working on one of Leanne’s House patterns.


And look what she brought recently.


A fabulous box of delicious blue & brown fabrics for another quilt.

Lucky for me, her daughter was visiting her too and so I came to learn that she is reading up on American History (period 1800 till 1960 – I think). I couldn’t contain myself, had to ask her about the content of the minor she is doing. I got all excited Big Hug. Sometimes when you least expect it, you get a little gift. She is sending me the mandatory booklist for the minor she is doing. Can’t wait to read more about the American Civil War and on Judaism in America.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Attitude for Gratitude post – week 11

I’m absolutely rapturous when I look back on this past week. It was a good week. I’m thankful that my health is returning, I’ve got more energy which in return makes me happy.

Thankful for the great day with my mum yesterday. It is becoming a little boring to mention, but yes we visited Leer again.

Grotere kaart weergeven

We had a great lunch. Sorry can’t post the picture with my mum, she doesn’t like being seen on internet. This is for you mum Kiss. I know you are one of the lurkers Smug.

iphone 084

I bought two jackets, two t-shirts and two scarf's. Getting ready for Spring.

iphone 087

Looking a little serious & surprised in this picture.

iphone 089

Mum took the above two pictures. Thank you!

Thoroughly enjoyed seeing these lambs. Spring is here!



Appreciative for the walk back in time. Got a little help from a special person to be able to do this. I’ve created a new memory that makes me happy. Leave-taking feels a little less traumatic, even when I realize it is definite. This transmutation that I’m experiencing is making me restless. I’m sensing that this particular time on the planet is unveiling another age of humankind. To remain strong & uninfluenced by the others and face the demands of everyday living is quite time consuming. It is creating lots of restlessness within me and it is consuming lots of energy. I realize that I’ve got no influence on this and I should just surrender to it. Sometimes easier said than done. But I’m not letting the world define me any longer. I’m me and I’m fearless of what is coming. The last 3 years have been a journey making me realize that life-issue’s tends to work out by themselves, the only consequence is that it means a lot of leave-taking & letting go. The place I’m at now is a school (learning-experience). It’s where I stretch the muscles of my soul and grow in the face of the demands of everyday living. My destiny is not clear but I’m convinced I’m on the right path.

I’m please that my sister and her family are able to go and visit Australia coming August. I’m so happy for them. Can’t wait to hear all their adventures and see all the great photos.

Australian flag

Still ecstatic after the introductory workshop on analyzing non-verbal cues. Yes, thankful that I have people around me who like the same things and tip me.

Delighted meeting-up with an old acquaintance Thursday. Re-kindling old friendships. Looking forward to catching-up soon again outside the work-setting. This also applies to two old nursing school friends. We have finally been able to confirm a date to get together. Feeling very chuffed.

Pretty enraptured after seeing this little occupant in one of our birdhouses.


Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Did an introduction workshop on analyzing non-verbal cues. I’m hooked! Actually have been for some time. It is so interesting to see the unconscious messages we all send out every minute in so many situations. I’m fascinated what we can read from a person’s facial expressions or mannerisms. I want to learn more about the Goodfield Method. Information can be found here and for my Dutch readers here.

It would definitely be interesting to analyze what non-verbal leaks I send. What decision or strategy manifests from my past and influences my reaction today. But I would really love to be able to analysis the non-verbal leaks of my co-workers and groups that I participate in. To be able to detect / read the interaction patterns. It would give me the opportunity to anticipate and maybe prevent mistakes. But primarily it would give me insight in their behaviour. I might even start to understand, who I am but also who you are. 

It would be great to do what dr. Cal Lightman does in Lie to Me, a tv-serie. As I’m a doctor too (yes, I have a PhD), I only need to learn this skill and start practicing Big Grin and become a master.

The Goodfield Method is based on Paul Ekman’s work. Ekman is a psychologist who pioneered in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions. Want to know more, check out his site. 

Will I ever be able to read all those expressions? There are so many!

Anger, Disgust, Fear, Happiness, Sadness, Surprise, Amusement, Contempt, Contentment, Embarrassment, Excitement, Guilt, Pride in achievement, Relief, Satisfaction, Sensory pleasure, and Shame.


I’m thankful that a colleague invited me along. I’m inspired!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Dear Jane Circle

Last Saturday some Janiac’s got together again. You can read about it here.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Attitude for Gratitude post – week 10

Firstly, I’m happy to have been able to enjoy the first day of sunshine. We worked in the garden to get it ready for spring.


I’m grateful that Adri came (again) to help us. The three of us get a lot done in one day. Four trees have been replanted. Three beeches and one that I don’t know the name of Blushing.


One of the un-pruned espaliers. We have 6!


The espaliers has been pruned.


Came across this ladybug while clearing the debris (leaves and branches).


Removed the green moss from our garden paths today too. Always amazed what some sun & chemicals can do. The paths look like new.

Tickled with this new vase. Love this combination! Doesn’t this make you happy.


Light-hearted after my coaching session last Tuesday. So many new insights. There is more clarity on my destiny. My personal and work-related goals and ambitions seem to come together. This makes me happy. Meeting new colleagues who are inspiring. 

Chuffed with this nearly finished thread catcher


Pretty pleased with this nearly finishing baby Jane.


Delighted for being able to make this macchiato. The photo isn’t bad either Batting Eyelashes


Gleeful, having rediscovered oatmeal with blueberries. It is a very healthy breakfast according to the specialists. 


I’m glad we had an enjoyable meal with friends at a restaurant in Zwolle last night. It was also really nice that I was chauffeured. Thank you hubby.

Looking forward to week 11. It can only get better!