Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Look what the postman brought!

Today my laptop hoop arrived all the way from the States! The postman had some difficulties delivering yesterday, but luckily my neighbour was home to accept & sign for the parcel.




I’ve tried many hoops but keep grabbing my first quilt hoop. It is about 18 years old now Happy. But Zoë’s quilt is pretty heavy and huge. So I’m now going to try the laptop hoop.

Here is a picture of some of my hoops. 


Do you want to know where I bought it? Check it out here. But you get the gist when watching this.

Yes, I now have a Barnett’s original laptop hoop. Going to give it a try tonight if I don’t have too much pain. What happened you might ask, well this morning walking to the office I slipped in the parking garage and fell. Nothing is broken but I might have gotten a whiplash. My shoulders and neck hurt pretty bad and that is not all, I kind of bruised my right side of my body too. Don’t see any bruising but I can feel where I landed. I really fell hard. I’m not having much luck at the moment body wise. When will my luck turn? Luckily I feel great mentally. I’m pretty resilient, if I do say so. This won’t get me down either Big Grin


Rennie said...

Ben benieuwd of deze je gaat bevallen. Ziet er interessant uit.

Berna said...

Goed dat je die ring hebt gekocht. Je had er ook nog geen ;) Nu maar hopen dat deze je wel bevalt. Veel succes.

Berna said...

Ps vergeet ik je helemaal sterkte te wensen met de pijn.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh goodness..sounds like you've jolted yourself with that fall...hope you heal up soon!