Sunday, 12 February 2012

Attitude for Gratitude post – week 6

Tickled when I got my early Valentine’s present from hubby.


Can you read the personalized text on the label?


Isn’t this sweat?


Thankful that an Aussie friend mentioned SeaChange. Absolutely love the characters depicted in this TV-series, especially diver Dan Della Bosca (David Wenham). This is how I want to remember Australia Dont tell anyone

imageI’m a little sad that this character has left the series. I aspire to the SeaChange lifestyle. Although SeaChange was filmed somewhere else I wouldn’t mind staying at Tuross Head for a while. It is so similar! I can imagine myself sitting on the deck of my hillside cabin watching the tremendous views of Tuross beach.


Sadly, I can’t show any of the many photos that I have. They are all pre-digital. But I can show you where Tuross Heads is.

Grotere kaart weergeven

I’m lucky that we found a place, a little nearer than Tuross Heads, to experience the same feeling. Going to Snowdonia Wales gives me the same sensation. I’m still searching for the word that can best describe my feeling At wits end

I’m thankful for the letter that I received last Monday. I didn’t expect it anymore, but I was absolutely delighted with its contents. Funny, how a couple of words can change your whole perspective. Wish me luck!

Last week was a full-filled quilt week. It is hard to describe the joy that hand piecing gives me. I love the feeling of laying out a finished block and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. I don’t mind unpicking my work, if the end result isn’t quiet what I tried to achieve. I aspire to make it just perfect for me and so I ignore the kind words of fellow quilters who think it is perfect enough. Every block is different, and it is so amazing to see my individual style shine though.

I’m pleased that I was able to resubmit a paper I’ve been working on. Fingers crossed!! I’m hoping this will be accepted for publication.

I’m amazed that I’m slowly mastering my sense of security and being able to shut out external influences creatively. Dealing with stressful situations doesn’t seem to effect me the same way as before. Finally mastering Tao.

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