Sunday, 5 February 2012

Attitude for Gratitude post – week 5

Some weeks it is so easy to be grateful for all the blessings in my life. It is funny how this feeling can sometimes be reinforced. At the end of a coaching session my coach asked me to pull a card out of a card deck. Guess which one I pulled?


You are overflowed with blessings. They are everywhere around you. It is up to you to recognize them and use them to their full potential. Know that everything that comes unexpectedly is a gift from God. In the unexpected a hidden blessing is revealed. Be aware of synchronicity, be wary of simplicity. Listen carefully, to what Grace is trying to tell you.
Life is so gratifying that you asked consciously to look for signs and signals in everything around you for answers to your deepest yearnings.
Everywhere there are blessings. Every moment is a blessing. Open your heart to the richness and abundance that is already there.

A blessing is something that provides happiness or does good for a person or thing. It can be a prayer calling for divine care, protection or favour. Referring to the bestowal of such is the infusion of one's hopes.

I’m blessed with all the people around me. I’m slowing realizing that my path is leading me in another direction and it feels good. Don’t quite know where it will lead me, but this doesn’t worry me. I’m Zen.

I’m all rosy after watching a couple of episodes of SeaChange (an Australian TV-series) under my Koozzzi blanket. It was pretty chilly around 6am. Outside temperature was -10 °C . That is pretty cold. But what a great way to start your day.

I’m beaming as the article I’m working on with some other people is nearly ready for re-submission. I’m thankful for having the time to focus on this project.

I’m ever so grateful that my new boss provided us with some clarity. We are facing some uncertain times but I like his honesty. His power is minimal. Making us realize we can only do our best but even then the outcome can go two ways. Lots of change and uncertainty is my predicament for the near future. What surprises me, it doesn’t worry me one bit. I know it will turn-out ok.

Blithesome after our walk yesterday afternoon. Feel blessed to be able to enjoy this beautiful winter weather. Grateful to have a new camera. Look here to see some of the pictures I took. 


But I’m not the only photographer during our walk. These photo’s were taken by hubby.



Gladsome after an enjoyable evening out with old friends. Had dinner together at a nice restaurant. Actually one of our favourites: De Salentein. Realized yesterday we have know each other for 27 years. Isn’t it great to have such long friendships?

The acupuncture therapy is doing its thing. In total I’ve nearly lost 5 kilo’s in 3 months. Not a bad result at all. I also feel a lot better. I have a lot less fluid retention. Hope to lose a little more in the next months.

 “When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place” ~ C.S. Lewis


Rennie said...

\dank je wel weer voor je mooie foto's en je prachtige verhaal.

Anonymous said...

Wat hebben jullie prachtige foto's gemaakt. Zijn net ansichtkaarten!!