Monday, 30 January 2012

Who are you?

I received my weekly report on the number of visitors to my blog this morning.

Date Visits Page Views
Monday 23-01-12 103 134
Tuesday 24-01-12 187 233
Wednesday 25-01-12 132 162
Thursday 26-01-12 86 113
Friday 27-01-12 70 85
Saturday 28-01-12 76 89
Sunday 29-01-12 170 215

I’m amazed there were 824 visits. Only I don’t know who you are! I’m really curious, please leave a comment as I would really love to hear from you.

Let personalize your visit to my blog. Don’t be a lurker Big Grin. It is so easy to leave a comment. Watch this tutorial.

If you decided to post a comment and you have your own blog, please also leave your URL so that I can visit you.

Hoping to finally meet you and share our passion of quilting.



karenfae said...

Helen I too like to see and know who visits my blog - so many do not leave comments and I see on my blog that I have visitors from all over the world. I don't remember how I found your blog I am sorry to say but I know I followed a lead from someone elses blog.
Karen in Arkansas USA

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog but I visit yours nearly every day. I am a quilter and love all things Dutch (I am a second generation American). We will be visiting the Netherlands in April, are there any quilt events to visit?

Linda DeVries
Flagstaff Arizona

sarapatch said...

Ciao!Sono una dei 824 visitatori..
Mi piace il tuo blog,ciao Sara

suz said...

Hi Helen: I'm a lurker who one day hopes to have a blog. I forget how I got to you, but I'm assuming another blogger recommended you. I'm from the U.S. - New Hampshire - and have been quilting since 1975.