Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Quilting post

Last night was another quilting filled evening. My fellow quiltermakers were in a upper best state. There was lots of laughing and stitching but there was also a serious side to the evening. Berna and Juud need to decide on which fabric they will use for the background. They want to let those Camelot blocks pop up and shine. Especially Berna was having a hard time, but I think she made her choice as she already had ordered the fabric.

Here are a selection of fat-quarters. Which one do you think she choose?


Had to take this picture from a distance as some of the Camelot blocks aren’t allowed to be published yet Batting Eyelashes. Here the different fat-quarters are being laid out.


We can definitely conclude I was still ill last week. What is wrong in this picture?


The blocks have not been sewn on right!! I still need to learn my ABC’s. The columns are alphabetized and rows are numbered.  Here I was thinking it was the other way round Blushing. So I had to undo some of my work. Lucky me, I piece slow and hadn’t done a lot. Unpicking three blocks is a lot easier, than unpicking the whole quilt.


Drawing the sewing lines on my sashings.


Nearly got it done right last night! Yes, I’m still busy with putting on the sashings.


While packing my stuff to go home, this happens.


What caught their eye?


My little bear Smug. He is cute isn’t he? It is my travel bear.

What caught my eye last night, this unusual quilt hoop. I think this might come in handy for quilting those borders. I’ll be putting this contraption on my wish list.


Looking forward to the next bee.


KijkDaarIs said...

Wat gezellig allemaal weer..en wat een inspiratie zullen jullie van elkaar krijgen....ahhh...en de reis beer ...zo lief!!!
fijne dag

Berna said...

Het was weer supergezellig. Mijn blue monday was in elk geval over na de bee. Hoe het met de rest van de maand gaat................ Who know's?

Rennie said...

Dus jullie hebben niet alleen plezier gehad, maar zijn ook inhoudelijk goed bezig geweest. Wish of of you a nice week!

Elisa Black said...

Looks like you had a lovely evening of quilting and good company! And it looks like whoever hosted had a lovely space at their home to work in! I'm just like you-- I'm a slow piecer, but I have to unpick sometimes (esp. with this paper piecing quilt-- takes a while to get the groove). I find that sometimes I make good progress and other times I just keep messing up-- that's when I put it aside and come back to it, otherwise I get frustrated, and quilting is supposed to be fun! Your travel teddy bear is very cute!! I have a little oriental girl in a kimono (with tiny cranes on it) that is my good luck charm- I bring her to class with me, too. So glad you have a lovely group to work with on your Dear Janes. It is coming along nicely!

Anja said...

Dat is nog eens een handige quilt-halve-ring! Waar is zoiets te koop? Nog nooit gezien.

Judith said...

Hi helen it sure was fun, was good to be able to laugh as much as we did. Besides the more serious parts of the evening

Inge said...

Ik las net bij Berna over jullie gezellige bee. Leuk hoor, elke week zo'n avond. Je blokken zijn mooi en je reisbeertje is "so cute!"