Sunday, 29 January 2012

Quilting and dreams


I did say dreaming was part of the process.

Sam Worthington_1

That happens when you leave things laying around in your dreams or in my case letting that small needle drop onto the ground. Oops.

imageBut as you can see they are really hard to find. I’m currently using the extra Fine Quilting Needle from Clover


For those who are wondering who this guy is in my dreams. It is Sam Worthington. Cool actor.


karenfae said...

I thought that was Chris O'Donnell at first - this one is a cutie too :)
yes those little needles do have a way of getting away from us.

Rennie said...

Weet je wat Shannon en Stuart voor me mee hebben genomen uit Amerika...... De CD "Hell on Heels" van de Pistol Annies. Gaaf he!