Sunday, 1 January 2012

First Attitude for Gratitude post 2012

"What is grace? I know until you ask me; when you ask me, I do not know." ~ Saint Augustine

Grace is the spiritual freedom that arises from living in harmony with yourself, with others and with the cosmos.

Grace is awakening, authenticity, balance, blessing, effortlessness, faith, freedom, friendship, gratitude, gentleness, happiness, harmony, impermanent, interdependence, laughter, oneness, paradoxical, patience, peaceful, power, pronoia, radiance, rest, strength, synergy, thriving, transcendent, transformative, universal, the way.

Grace is the realization that everything is working for you, that your body, mind and spirit are all aligned for the single purpose of bringing more wisdom, love and joy into the world. When you realize that the entire universe is conspiring on your behalf, you are experiencing grace. Grace is a sense of grand alignment, when your inner and outer purposes align to bring more abundance into the world.

I am grateful to finally be able to grasp grace. It is a precious present. I sometimes lose sight of it, especially regarding money matters. But more frequently, when in grace, I appear to be working hard when actually I’m experiencing relaxation and ease.

In 2012 I’ll further continue trying to align with The Way. This means I’ll continue reading the Tao and other works like the Bible.

I’m pretty blithesome after my little outing with my nieces. I saw Puss in Boots. Lovely story and when reading between the lines a message. Although I expect that my nieces are still too young to understand.


I’m thankful that hubby made time to hang up a railing so that I can hang my quilt design wall from it. I can continue with my Bargello and see how the wave-pattern turns-out before I start sewing all the pieces together.

Still rejoicing after two days celebrating Christmas. Thrilled that I even got an reaction from a blogger after posting on my Pavlova. According to my family it is the best one yet. It looked fantastic and tasted amazingly delicious.

Lighthearted after meeting up with friends last Wednesday. Looking forward to our next date.

A little gleeful after finishing another baby Jane (E7 – Bread Basket) and cutting 200 sashings. Read more about it here.

Buoyant realizing that ‘we’ are going to be producing our own eco-friendly solar energy. In about 2 years time I’ll be able to enjoy the returns of my investment. Thankful that hubby makes it all possible.

Grateful that we are able to look forward to another holiday in Wales. I truly feel grace when I’m in Bala.



Sanquine for having found an outlet for my creativity. Quilting is such an enjoyable endeavour. Looking forward to receiving the first two parcels this month for the two BOM’s I’ve joined. There is a lot of parallel between quilting and my life. I won’t ponder this subject any further in this post.

Convinced that 2012 will be a great year and glad that it is finally here.



Anja said...

Mooi om te lezen hoe je dankbaar bent voor de dingen die je hebt, beleeft. Dat is zo belangrijk en dat vergeten we zo vaak. Fijn, dat jij ons daar telkens aan herinnert!

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