Saturday, 7 January 2012

Double Otitis Media

I’m one of lucky few who has gotten an infection of the middle ear, and not just on one side but both sides. This infection is very common in young children but it seems even adults in their prime can get it. Tuesday I noticed that my ears started to ache and that my throat hurt. Thursday evening I was nearly crying with pain. Friday I decided to go to my GP to check it out as during the night my left eardrum burst leaving some blood spots on my pillow.

The GP was fascinated, but mostly impressed with the view when she looked inside my ears. She even called in a young colleague to have a look. It seems the medical profession was pretty happy with my middle ear infection. Am I the only one who thinks this is not funny? The pain can be real maddening. But wasn’t it good of me to help educate the medical profession in their diagnostic skills? I myself know how it looks like, having worked at an ENT clinic with otolaryngologists. Do you want to see how it looks like? This is what an inflamed right ear looks like and burst eardrum.

otis media Otitis_media_left

Not a pretty sight, but I could have posted even more gory pictures Open-mouthed. Got these pictures from the web. Sadly, my GP didn’t have a camera on her otoscope.

It has been antibiotics, paracetamol and bed for me ever since! With medicine the infection should be gone in 10 days. And it is true what they say, you start to feel better 2 to 3 days after starting your medicine. A side-effect of the otitis media is having some bad hearing loss and feeling dizzy most of the time. GP suggested that I didn’t drive for a couple of days. Hopefully my hearing will improve with time and the dizziness will subdue. 

I can now be a little more emphatic with little kids with earaches. This is definitely not a good thing.

Due to my otitis media I was unable to join our monthly Dear Jane circle. I wasn’t even able to saw a baby Jane today. Luckily, I was able to sleep a lot. I don’t feel a thing than Smile.


Newbie Jen said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Rennie said...

In ieder geval beterschap. Ik weet hoe het voelt. Als kind heb ik heel vaak middenoorontsteking aan beide oren gehad. Ik voel metnje mee.

Berna said...

Gezellige plaatjes :) haha.
In elk geval nogmaals beterschap.

sylvia said...

Ziet er leuk uit op de vroege zondagmorgen: haha!!
Heel veel beterschap!!

Anja said...