Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Diary of Five

A diary of 5 was created to give your senses a gentle work-out. To help you to become more aware of those little moments around you. You can join Peggy Hostetler too, just click here and take part.

quill and watch

I am seeing... Teddy (cat) in the outer corner of my eye. He is sitting next to my screen watching me type this post.

I am hearing... a buzz in my ear. It is pretty annoying and can’t wait for it to go away. Never thought a middle ear infection would be so weary.

I am smelling... the fish on my hands that I just put into my slow cooker. The slow cooker is a Christmas present. I’m using it for the first time. IMG_7826 Don’t mind the dirty oven!

I still taste... my last cup of decaf on my tong. I so miss my real coffee. Maybe I should allow myself one cup of real coffee in the weekend and cherish the moment.

I am feeling... joy, although there is no reason for it. I’m homebound and don’t feel up to much. I have to accept that recovery from a double middle ear infection will take longer than I thought. Hopefully I will feel better at the end of the week after I finish my antibiotics treatment. Considering how I feel at the moment this is hard to belief.

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Gen said...

Hi Helen, New to your blog from "Diary of 5". How good to meet you! Fish is the slow cooker sounds delicious. How great that you can experience joy in the midst of not feeling so well. Hope you will recover quickly from your ear infection!
Gen at simplycornish.blogspot.com