Monday, 23 January 2012

Country girl

Helen is a country girl living incognito in suburbia. Ssssssz, don't tell anyone.


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Elisa Black said...

Love that view! Is it recent or from the summertime? Winter has finally arrived here-- colder weather with 6" of snow over the weekend. It was v. pretty-- esp. since we didn't have any commitments and stayed at home and I got some sewing in. I, too, am more of a country girl, but we live in a suburb now-- the school system is much better for the kids, and I like that there is more diversity/ culture of people during their formative years. Thanks for posting this beautiful photo-- its next to the comment box as I write and just seeing the bright sunshine and the scenery is making me feel good (its still pitch black outside, but the sun will be up soon).