Sunday, 29 January 2012

Attitude for Gratitude post – week 4

It looks like we are going to have a winter after all! Temperatures are slowly going below 0 oC . Expected temperature Wednesday  -2 oC at noon and -8 oC at night. Better get my coupe heater connected. Winter is coming! This exhilarates me and gives me joy. Add a little sunshine and I’m completely happy.

But can we expect this also?


I’m enraptured. I picked up Zoë’s quilt and did some more quilting. How I’ve missed it. This needle-wielding hand craft gives me joy. Although it has already taken me 4 years to complete this quilt. I do believe nothing compares to making a handmade quilt. Quilting is the sewing through and together of 3 layers: the back, the batting, and the pieced top. Love this quilt. It will be hard to give it away.


Tickled being able to see movies on a large screen at home. And, I mean a large screen! Saw Jane Eyre. Yes, that book written by Charlotte Brontë.

If you have the same taste as I do, it is worth watching. Really should find time to read the book!

Then I saw the movie: The Debt. This we watched with friends. Four of us in hubby’s home theater.

The Debt is an espionage thriller that begins in 1997, as shocking news reaches retired Mossad secret agents Rachel (Helen Mirren) and Stefan (Tom Wilkinson) about their former colleague David (Ciarán Hinds).I emphasized with Rachel (Helen Mirren) and young David (Sam Worthington). Amazing acting. Or do I like Sam because he is an English-born Australian actor? Did you know he also played in Avatar? I only did after reading his bio Wink

Thankful that it was only a fire drill last Friday at work. It was a  practice session seeing how quickly and calm we could evacuate the building. Had to walk down 14 flights of stairs! Stand outside for 20 minutes in the cold. Lucky me, my boss offered his coat. Mine was in the car. Afterwards walked up 5 flights of stairs but gave up and took the elevator. Hope I don’t have to hear the fire alarm go off any time soon. Boy, that is an awful sound.

Heard an interview on the radio from one of the participants to the  Davos-Klosters Economic Forum Meeting. The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Felt a little downcast afterwards. But from a positive perspective, he emphasised that I’m not the only one who is feeling the change. Personally I think they should invite me to join their discussions. One of the things that is wrong with this world is that the wrong people have too much power. Those in power lose the connection with society and with ‘us’ people in general. It is about them and not about ‘us’. My impression of economists is that they are not very heartful people. The solutions to our social and personal problems and challenges require active engagement, not just reflection and rhetorical and philosophical musings about the economy and business. So lets all be thankful, show our gratitude and be more compassionate. Walk the talk!

How do we do this? How do we create a compassionate and heartful culture? How do we transform and heal our world? Buddhism teaches that in order to transform our world, our families, our workplaces, our communities, we must transform ourselves through contemplative and meditative practices, through self inquiry and self reflection and through the cultivation of benevolent humanitarian and compassionate ethics and values. We must cultivate the capacity to be genuinely concerned about the welfare of others. The path to a compassionate society arises from the intentions and actions of individuals within that society. I like what Dr. Nalini Chilhov has to say. Things don’t change by following the leader. Things change when YOU decide to change.

I also think we should focus a little more on co-creative interactions. This might be the answer to spark innovation, increase people engagement and therefore generate value (especially the economic kind). Lets combine Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with the engagement pyramid.

Thankful for the little bit of spring in our living room.



But most of all I’m grateful for the fact I know everything will turn out fine. I think I can say I’ve finally reached the top of Maslow’s hierarchy Nerd.

All have a good week and try to find some ‘me’ time.


Elisa Black said...

Hope you are staying warm and cozy during the colder weather. Zoe's quilt is just beautiful. I love all the bright colors. I'm impressed that you are doing all hand quilting on such a large project! I am a big fan of that same version of the Jane Eyre movie, too! And I have to confess, I have never read the book-- but apparently since its a classic, you can download it for free on Kindles, etc. (not that I even have a kindle, but I know you are quite tech savvy). Your daffodil blooms are so pretty-- enjoy them! I like your ideas for the state of the global economy-- they really should have you on that panel! Have a good Sunday!

Berna said...

Binnen zitten met een dik pak sneeuw buiten mmmmmm ik zie het al helemaal voor me.
Keep on Quilting Lady and enjoy!

Judith said...

THe end of Maslow's hierarchy? Hmm will have to think on that one too? Would it mean there is nothing left to wish for? Does it mean it can only crumble down?
Well anyhow, enjoy your day spend quilting, will see you tomorrow at my place,

bye now

karenfae said...

love the quilt and the flowers that you have started in your dining room look beautiful.