Sunday, 8 January 2012

Attitude for Gratitude post – week 1

Appreciative to the discoverers of paracetamol (acetaminophen) & antibiotics. The painkilling properties of paracetamol were discovered by accident when a similar molecule (acetanilide) was added to a patient's prescription about 100 years ago. The paracetamol has made my life a little more enjoyable the past couple of days. Antibacterial drugs were first described in 1877, but they didn’t get their name till 1942. Did you know that? Sometimes an accident or war can lead to something good. The prescribed medicine are doing their job, although it nearly took 48 hours before I noticed a decline in the throbbing pain. At the moment there is a continuous buzzing in my left ear which is driving me a little crazy and I ‘m noticing quite some hearing loss. On a positive note – it is kind of peaceful. The dizziness I would rather give a miss.

Thankful for these lovely tulips.


While I was sleeping yesterday afternoon my parents-in-law dropped in and put these lovely tulips in a vase.

Thanks for the well wishes. You know who you are. It is so great to read your comments on my Blog & Facebook. I really appreciate it.

Joyous after hubby explained how I can turn-off  the iPhone ringer. It is so simple, all you need to do is flip a switch which is on the upper left-hand side of the iPhone. It’s just above the volume control on the left side. In the picture below it is number 5.

image I didn’t know what that button was for. But now I know. It would have been handy if I knew that when I was in the GP’s office Happy. A colleague wouldn’t accept that I wouldn’t pick-up the phone. She phoned 3 times during the consult! I phoned back afterwards to explain. Next time, I can ignore by switching off the ringer.

Delighted to have some energy back this afternoon and able to piece my next Dear Jane block. It is coming along nicely. 2012_01_08

I’m really enraptured with my new camera. It arrived just before I got ill. I can make wonderful close-ups of my baby Jane’s in progress. Really like this block.


Feeling rosy with Teddy keeping me warm. You can’t wish for a better cat than Teddy when you are feeling a little under the weather. I’m watching Nurse Jackie or was it Three Rivers? Winking

Gratified when finding something I didn’t know I was looking for. Got two apps that help me to awaken to grace, a moment of transcendence. Yes, I really love my iPhone.

Euphoric after discovering the Pistol Annies this week. Yes, I’m still very much into country music. Wanted to share their debut clip but sadly YouTube is not working with me. Maybe I’ll post it in another post.


sylvia said...

hallo Helen, lang leve de paracetamolletjes, dus!!!
Ik zat even te googelen op 365 challenge quilt en kwam in één van de hits ook jouw blog tegen: het plan van april 2008.....ben je ooit aan de quilt begonnen en heb je hem ook afgemaakt???
nieuwsgierig, he?!
groetjes, Sylvia
ps mooi, die tulpen!!!

Judith said...

Bosje tulpen, een uit knop op de iPhone, tv en Sjaan. Volgens mij gaat t beter, gelukkig maar!!

Rennie said...

Fijn om te lezen that things going well! Keep smiling my dear theremis always a day after tomorrow!