Sunday, 4 December 2011

Monday night DJ mini bee

Some of you most probably have read it some where, but Monday night has become a regular Dear Jane night for me. It is lots of fun and I’m making a little more progress than I would have made otherwise. Why is it fun, just to listen to the chatter of Juud & Berna is a happening in itself. The other reason, it just might be possible that I finish two baby Janes’ a month!!


I think the festive season might cause a little problem in the new routine, but I’m sure we will pick-up the pace in 2012.

I definitely need to get an iPad!! Hoping that Santa reads this blog.It is becoming a trend to go to blogs of other quilters during the bee: to get inspiration, to admire other works, and to dream. I need one! I don’t want to be the last one to join this hype!!!!

It seems I definitely have problems with counting. I needed 16 E pieces for this block. You can guess what happens when I lay-out all the pieces, I’m short 4 pieces Crying. Went home with a little homework.

Do you think I also need to train my brain a little more? Is this the first signs of aging? I’ll check if there are any apps out there to slow the process Nerd.


Elisa Black said...

I have a feeling that it is not that you are starting to lose your memory but that you are distracted by the good company you are keeping while you sew. Good explanation, don't you think? That emoticon is too funny!! I hope Santa brings you an iPad! What would Jane think of all this modern technology? Happy Quilting!

Berna said...

Hoi Helen,
Het was weer heel gezellig maandag. We gaan een drukke maand tegemoet maar ik zie je nog een keer en na de feestdagen pakken we de draad letterlijk weer op met een wekelijkse bee. Rooster volgt.

Judith said...

Wat heb je er een gezellig blogje van gemaakt. Het is dat ik erbij was want anders zou ik willen dat dit zo was. Op naar de volgende bee!! Volgende week nog en dan in januari die draad gelijk weer oppakken.