Sunday, 11 December 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – also at our home!!

I would have loved to have heard this CD while putting up the decorations. I’m sure that would bring me into a festive mood. I’m kind of hoping that Santa’s helper will put this in my Christmas stocking. Maybe I’ll help Santa Wink.


This year no Christmas lights outside! Because there is some thing wrong with the wiring in the backyard. A fuse blew last week, actually twice, and there we were sitting in the dark (inside our own home). The electronics outside has been disconnected, till an electrician can come along and fix it. So, this year to get that Christmas feeling you need to visit us inside.  


I’m a little later than usual. Usually, I have everything up on the first of December. I absolutely love Christmas. It makes me merry, it gives me joy. Sadly, I’m still not in the mood, how hard I try. My mind keeps sending mixed signals. I’m convinced it is still summer. Having a real hard time to imagine that it is winter and that it is nearly Christmas. But I will keep on trying!!! I’m sure by the time it is Christmas day, I’ll be in the mood.

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Berna said...

Prachtig nummer en je boom, die kom ik morgen bekijken. Tot dan.