Friday, 9 December 2011

Bargello workshop

Thursday evening I had two things planned. The Bargello workshop & a leg-wax at my beautician. I didn’t want to cancel my appointment with the beautician, so I popped-out for 3/4 of an hour. As it happens, my beautician is only around the corner from the Quilt cellar.

201112_bargello workshop

Fixed the mistake I had made while laying-out the strips during the night before. Do you recognize my quilt? The other quilters are making some beautiful Bargellos. But they all look so different. I think I’m the only one making a big quilt. Still need to cut more strips to get an 150x150 quilt. It will become a little bigger once I’ve added the border. Funny how lighting can give an different impression. These are de fabrics I’m using in the Bargello. Soft pastels. Prominent colours: green, pink, red and cream.


Thursday night was the last workshop. I now have to finish the quilt at my own pace!!

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