Sunday, 4 December 2011

Attitude for gratitude – week 48

Oh my, how the weeks are flying past. In 4 more weeks it will be 2012. I so looking forward to 2012. It feels like a new beginning. I can finally shut the door on 2010 & 2011. These two years have definitely been a challenge and to be truthful I would have loved to have skipped them. Although that isn’t whole truth, I’ve learned so much and I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have learned these lessons if I didn’t need to reassess myself and the world around me. I’ve changed because of this experience. Some people are noticing the change and aren’t always happy about it. The change doesn’t serve them well and they voice their opinions sometimes a little too loudly. Lucky for me, I’ve become selectively deaf. I can ignore the negative energy.


I’m grateful for the bodily effect I’m noticing. After only two weeks, my blood pressure is back to normal. I also seem to have less fluid retention. I feel so much lighter and less out-of-breath (this doesn’t mean I’ve lost a lot of weight however). My GP is not happy with my choice, that I’ve chosen to go to a acupuncturist. The therapy is working. Next to the acupuncture, I’m also on a diet. I’m detoxifying! I’ve been introduced to some new foods, some were really hard to get. I’m pleased that I’ve survived this past week. It was a challenge, but I stuck to it. I’m missing my coffee however terribly!!! But not feeling hungry at all, which surprises me terribly.

I had a surprise visit by ‘Sinterklaas’. image Friday I found a ‘chocolade letter & gedicht’ (= Chocolate bar & poem). imageI hadn’t expected this, so as you can imagine I’m tickled. 

The time has finally come that I got my stored winter clothes from the attic and packed my summer clothes. I’m still not feeling it. I know it is winter, but in mind it is still summer. If you go by the temperature at the moment, you would understand. On average it is about 10 °C. But I’m finally prepared. “So winter you can come”

Feeling all jolly after my visit to my mum yesterday. As usual we went to Germany to do some shopping. At this store I’m usually very successful. Exuberant, after our spree through the furniture store in Groningen. My mum will soon be the owner of a new sofa and two armchairs. She will have to wait a while before she can enjoy them. They have to be made now.

It was a little rainy in northern Germany. But we didn’t let it dispirit us. It is starting to look a little like Christmas.

iphone 040

iphone 042

Jubilant, after getting my car back earlier than I thought. Monday I got a phone call that I wasn’t allowed to drive my car any further. They picked it up from the office and but it on a trailer. While going through their daily check Monday morning, they found out they had put the wrong brake fluid in my car. It seems to be quite dangerous. I never knew! They cleaned the whole brake system and gave my car back a day later. Had to drive in one of these:

imageIt put a smile on my face. It was a fun car to drive for a day.


Anja said...

Goed om te horen dat het steeds beter met je gaat en succes met het 'afkicken' van de koffie...

Rennie said...

Wat hebben jullie heerlijk geshopped