Sunday, 20 November 2011

Goodies from Houston

This is what I got in Houston.


Yes, my own Baby Go from AccuQuilt. I got a great deal when I bought the Baby Welcome Home Set! This lovely lady in the picture underneath helped me. Got a strip cutter die, the value die and tumbler die. Naturally a long and small cutting mats. As you can imagine I took a heavy load home!


Someone already warned me that the Baby Go! might give me some trouble at the airport. Well all alarms went off when the Baby Go went through the imaging machine. I can truly say I experienced the new TSA Screening Procedures first hand. I got a lot of personal attention. I had to unpack all my hand luggage and had to explain what the Baby Go does. Than I got a full body pat-down. And they kept on apologizing for all the bother. And, I kept on repeating myself that I really didn’t mind. I told them, if they checked everyone this thoroughly, I’m sure we will encounter less criminal activities in the air. I think I was held-up for nearly 30 minutes Confused.

My trip home certainly wasn’t uneventful. I also go dropped off at the wrong terminal. So had to take a little ride on the Inter-Terminal Train below-ground. Did you know that Bush Intercontinental Airport consists of five passenger terminals? The driver who dropped me off, didn’t! A little extra excitement never hurts. I’ve got a story to tell.

When checking in, the ground stewardess told me I had to pay extra as my luggage exceeded the allowed weight. Who would have thought. I only had 11 kilo’s with me when I entered the country. I guess it was due to these books!!!


I quit sure it was not because of the items below. They don’t weigh much, I’m sure.


Love my new rotating mat. The ThimblePad’s were a tip of one of my teachers, Terri Burton. I loved them so much I got three packets.

I might not plan another trip to Houston soon, I sure loved the adventure. There are so many other quilt festivals I would also love to visit. Who knows which one I will visit next.

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