Monday, 28 November 2011

Packing to go home

I still have some pictures to share with you!! Packing to go home. I’m sure everything will fit. It has to fit.

iphone 024

All packed! The suitcase felt pretty heavy. Didn’t know yet that I would be charged for the extra weight!

iphone 022

Taking a break. Working on a stitchery. Do you recognize the pattern?

iphone 017

Waiting in the lobby to be picked-up by the Shuttle.

iphone 020

The below-ground Inter-Terminal Train at Houston airport.

iphone 025

Cool! Such a quaint little train.

iphone 026

I used Hipstamatic app to make the above pictures. Not bad.

You will have to imagine me up above the skies. I’m sure this is what it looked like, before we hit the turbulence Wink 


Landed Monday afternoon 8th of November in Amsterdam at 1pm after a 10-hour flight. 

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Debby said...

Hi Helen, we stayed at the same hotel in 2009, and for 2012 we booked the hyatt again! Can't wait!

Groetjes Debby