Sunday, 13 November 2011

International Quilt Festival - Houston

IMG_7061Where are all the people???IMG_7072Love this picture.IMG_7169 This depicts the States for me. IMG_7182And, how about this view of the cabby? Don’t you just love it?IMG_7170

I’ve been back for a couple of days but it took me a while to get back into my old rhythm. When I arrived back in Amsterdam, I have to admit I was a little worse for wear. My legs really hurt & I was slightly out of breath even after mild exertion. I have to admit I had some fluid retention. Was it because of my stay in Houston or was it due to the flying? After two days I went to my GP and sadly I was told my blood pressure had also sky rocketed. Houston, we have a problem!  Causes include the body's reaction to hot & humid weather, a high salt intake, gravity, weakened valves and the hormones associated with the menstrual cycle. Guess too many of the above causes, resulted in my complaints. My medication has been altered but also have to try to drink lots more water and reduce my salt intake even further as well as my coffee, and I have to get back into my exercise routine. Sitting or standing for long periods doesn’t agree with me. So now you understand why this is my first post. Hopefully you will also understand why the frequency of my posts will remain a little low for a while.

I loved my visit and absolutely had the greatest time. But I also have to admit, after hearing all those praises, I’m a little disappointed. The international Quilt Festival didn’t meet-up with my expectations.

Loved these quilts. 2011_11_03

But especially this one.


I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Quilters’S.O.S. – Save Our Stories, booth in the mornings.

IMG_7176 IMG_7179It was great to get back into interviewing and the interviewees were absolutely awesome. I did a little more than planned, which was great. Got the book signed by the quiltmakers who I interviewed. Will show you that an other time.

I followed 3 awesome classes. The first class was The 3 B’s - Borders, Batting & binding, given by Terri Burton. Here is an impression. 2011_11_04If you have a chance to sign-up for her class, please do this. She teaches really well.

My next class was Friday evening this was given by Cindy Blackberg. We learned how to make little hexagons with the stamp. I really like the Mini Grandmother's Flower Garden doll quilt. Met two lovely ladies from near Seattle. Sadly, didn’t exchange our names & contact information. So if anyone knows these ladies, please contact me.  2011_11_05

On Saturday I followed the Embroidery for quilters class, that was given by Debbie Gordon. I really learned a lot during this class. Didn’t know that there were so many different threads for embroidery. Also learned some stitching patterns and finally mastered the satin stitch.


My room on the 28th floor!!! I stayed in room 2831.


Hyatt Regency, lobby


Elevators! They had 8.


view of Einstein Bros in the lobby. Had to go through this shop everyday to get to the bus stop.


Hope you enjoyed my impression of my visit to the quilt festival in Houston.


Rennie said...

Wat een mooie foto's en verhalen. Wat jammer dat de show niet bracht wat je er van verwacht had.

Elisa Black said...

I somehow missed this post, so am reading it after seeing the slide show. I've been thinking of you and trying to keep an eye out for your posts about your experience in Houston. It all looks so amazing! I hope your blood pressure is behaving itself, now! The hotel looks just beautiful! Glad you were able to attend some workshops, too.