Friday, 25 November 2011

2 BOM’s for 2012

Before I knew what I had done, I had signed up for two Block of the Month programs.

I’m going to make The Spirit of Sacagawea quilt, which you can join too as a Block Of The Month with Kansas City Star. The quilt is designed by Minick and Simpson. Visit their blog here.

imageI absolutely love it! I think it is stunning. Especially the story behind it really triggers the need to want to make this. It symbolizes freedom, empowerment, journey of transformation, spirituality and independence for me. When I look at it, I feel joy.

Came across this video on my search for more information about Sacagawea. I think I will be watching this video during the Christmas holidays and New Years break.  


Just checked wikipedia Dont tell anyone. If memory serves me right, I remember hearing about her when I was at the American International School in Athens, Greece, around 1971. Indian culture and history has always fascinated me. I’m sure my mum still has some books that I bought during my teens at her house on this topic.

The other BOM is the Civil War Journals that Dutch Quilts, Den Haan & Wagenmakers, is organizing.


I’ll be getting a parcel every month with Judie Rothermel fabrics and hopefully once all the blocks have been put together it will look something like the quilt above. As you know, the American Civil War is another fascination. Absolutely love the civil war repro-fabrics.

I now only need to do a time-management course to learn to juggle my time. I never seem to have enough! It isn’t always easy to manage a professional career and a creative pastime.

What intentions do you have for 2012?


Judith said...

One glorious day, still far away in some distant future, you Will retire. The day you do you Will have all these bom's, fabrics, books, etc. Long story short; just enjoy!! See you tomorrow.

Rennie said...

Wat ga jij het druk krijgen de komende maandan. Gaaf hoor twee BOM's tegelijk.

Berna said...

Mooie bom's. Zelf vind ik de onderste de mooiste. Veel plezier ermee en tot zo.