Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin'

Just ordered two of these.imageThe stem is 1.80 tall and the top of the tree is about a meter wide. But it will take a little while before it will look like this. One will be planted on the left side of our backyard and the other one on the right side. I choose the Photinia because it keeps its leaves in the winter. It is a evergreen tree with glossy bright red young growth and white flowers in spring  Smile.

The gardener wouldn’t except my order by phone so I drove to our local garden centre. Checked out the trees in pouring rain. Can you imagine me in high heels and skirt trying to jump puddles?

They will be delivered in two weeks time. Expect some pictures of men in trees. Hubby and a mate of his, will be digging out numerous of trees. Some will be replanted and others will be replaced by these two. Can’t wait to see how the backyard will look. If you have any suggestions for scrubs that can be planted underneath, that can handle shade and moist, I would love to hear from you.

The trees will be delivered at 8am! Don’t quit know how I’m going to prepare hubby for this news. He is not a morning person, especially in weekends he likes to sleep inThinking. While the guys are working hard in the garden, I will be interviewing quiltmakers in Houston.

Run away to Houston with me and volunteer for team Q.S.O.S. Full information on the AAQ website, here



Judith said...

Would love to run but alas!! It is not going to happen!! Two blogs in one day?? Busy?? High heels and jumping puddles? Greet sight, I am certain of that! Love the trees, can not advise what to plant underneath. Haven't got the foggiest! Start preparing hubby! 8 am whilst you are away?? Great timing. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

Karen said...

I have this plant growing as a tall, wide shrub (hedge) in my front yard. It grows pretty fast (at least here in California); probably about 8" or more per year. I've never thought of growing it as a tree, it's mostly grown as a hedge here. Good luck with your plantings. Hostas work very well in shaded, moist areas but snails love them to death, literally.