Friday, 7 October 2011

New quilt circle

Sometimes you need a little change. I’ve joined a new quilt circle (F.I.E.T.S.-groep) which is on a Wednesday night. We individually work on our own projects/works but it becomes a lot more fun because we do it together. And the bonus is, when you need assistance, Aagje is there to help.

I’m back working on my log cabin quilt. Haven’t made much progress during the summer months. Naturally, I thereforeI had some difficulty in getting started. Pfaffy refused to sewAngry I forgot how to insert the bobbin correctly into the shuttle case!!! That is why practice, practice is so important.


I did remembered how to insert the bobbin in the case and that the thread runs in a clockwise direction Smile.

But when inserting the bobbin into the shuttle, it just didn’t pop in.


It wouldn’t click, heard no click-sound and so Pfaffy refused to do what it is good at, sew. Lucky for me , Aagje was there to showed me (again) how to do itEmbarrassed.


However I do have to admit that there is a definite ‘experience curve’ to be noted. But I need to concentrate and focus, but I have to admit this is a little difficult as the quilters in this group are real friendly ladies and chatter-boxes. I’m sure this will become a nice new experience as it is real ‘gezellig’ homey group.


Produced one block this evening! Can you believe it?


Got to know the quilters a little better especially the ladies on the left. Looking forward to the next quilt circle. Here is a picture of the quilters in my new circle.


The lady standing is Aagje, our teacher.

Naturally, there is always time for show & tell.

A bag.


A pillow under construction.


A quilt top nearly completed.


A bear wall hanging.


  This will become a tea cosy.


This is becoming an art-quilt.


A beautiful big traditional quilt, partly quilted.


Last but not least, someone will be making this little quilt wall hanging. It is so Dutch! Love the pattern. Isn’t it cute?



Berna said...

Goed gedaan en een mooi blok gemaakt. Gaat best snel dan he? Goed weekend!
Ps. Heb je ook nog een DJ-update?

Rennie said...

Wat een mooie logcabin om van te smullen. Leuke Bee hebben jullie zo.