Sunday, 16 October 2011

flight socks!

Sitting still for long periods of time in cramped conditions can lead to swollen ankles and occasionally DVT (=Deep Vein Thrombosis). As I’m sometimes afflicted with swollen ankles even when I’m not flying, I thought I should get myself some of these.


Don’t they look charming? But flight socks can help prevent:

  • Risk of circulatory problems such as  DVT (blood clots)
  • Helps prevent swollen ankles and tired legs on long haul flights
  • Improve blood circulation

Practicing self-care before and during my flight can go a long way toward ensuring that my ankles and feet swelling doesn’t spoil my  vacation to Houston. Swollen ankles and feet are most likely the result of the accumulation of fluid building up in my body during the flight.

Preventive measures:

  • Regular stretching and mobility exercises and short walks around the cabin during the flight if possible.
  • Drinking sufficient fluids to keep the urine pale.
  • Taking a low dose aspirin tablet (75mg) for its anti-adhesive effects on blood platelets.
  • The use of compression stockings.
  • Wearing loose-fitting clothing

So if you happen to see me walking by, you now know why. As I need to drink lots of fluids (water), I’ll therefore will be going to the loo (toilet) a lot!! My was to kill two birds with one stone. Resolving two matters with a single action. I also get a little exercise! So guess who will be getting an aisle seat? This seat enables me to walk up and down the aisle for exercise and going to the loo (toilet) without disturbing others.

Another 15 more sleeps and I’ll be going to Houston!!

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