Saturday, 22 October 2011

Being crafty

Today I had a Tilda doll-making workshop in Putten in the Quilt Cellar. Finally going to learn how to make those wonderful Tilda dolls. Do check-out Tone Finnanger’s website, here. I thought it would be easy and was pretty convinced I would go home in the afternoon with this Christmas man.  He is so cute!IMG_7014

But this is all I had with me at the end of the day. Two arms and two legs!! The body still needs to be stuffed. And, I still have to cut out his coat and pants.


Coming Wednesday, I can continue with this WIP. Here is me working hard today! Getting lots of assistance. I was really having trouble concentrating and remembering the instructions. I must have left my brain at home!

2011_10_22_Tilda Xmas Workshop1

Here is a collage of the other ladies who attended this class.

2011_10_22_Tilda Xmas Workshop2

Had a smashing time. However, my back is hurting a little at the moment. I should mind my sitting posture more. It would be really nice to get a massage at the moment, but sadly have to wait another two and half weeks!

The adventures of the Tilda Christmas man will continue.


Berna said...

Hij wordt leuk. Goed weekend verder en tot maandag!

Elisa Black said...

Looks like a fun workshop! Can't wait to see the finished Santa.

Rennie said...

Wat zal dat een leuk Kerstvriendje worden. Ik ben gek opmal deze patronen.

Judith said...

Ik heb er ook ooit 2 gemaakt, ze zijn super leuk. Geniet van je zondag. Hoeveel nachtjes nog?

Yvonne said...

Ik wist niet dat er ook workshops hiervoor gegeven werden. Ik ben zelf nu aan mijn eerste Tilda Engel bezig. Het is heerlijk.
Succes woensdag.