Sunday, 2 October 2011

Attitude of Gratitude post – week 39

Gratitude is medicine to the heart. Gratitude lifts the heart from setbacks that seek to weight it and brings a glow from the positive stream of gratitude expressed in words or actions. Does expressing gratitude do this for you?

It is true that gratitude starts from the heart. You have to get in touch with yourself and listen to your heart. Gratitude is a reflection. It takes some time to adjust your perspective, but all of a sudden you notice that you perceive life and events differently.   

Savour the pleasant things in life from the rising of the sun, the wind whispers, the dew decked paddock with horses, the charm of an Indian summer, the beauty of raindrops on window panes, the sensation of the moon and stars as a daily routine. This practice helps filter out the root of bitterness as you embrace you day and effectively neutralize the impact of bad experiences. I have found this frees my heart and opens a window to joyful and grateful living.

I’m finding myself saying grace throughout the day. It is becoming addictive. The change in me is being sensed by others. People actually notice my joy.  

So grateful to be writing about what I’m grateful for. Grateful to be able to have taken these shots on the way to the hairdressers yesterday morning.



Grateful to the cyclist in the peloton (bunch of cyclists) passing me by and saying ‘hello girl’ to me! Grateful for country music, grateful for the cleaned car that I picked up Friday morning. That it now feels like I’m driving in a new car. A sensation I enjoy. So grateful to be in a place that I can be truthful myself and notice that I’m accepted for who I am and for the skills & knowledge I bring with me. So grateful I took health science and was able to get a PhD in health psychology.

I’m grateful for the parting gifts I got last Thursday. Love the little notes my ex-colleagues wrote in the books I got.


So grateful I got up early today and watched ‘it’s complicated’.

What a good way to start my day. I can identify with the theme of letting go. Accepting that one has to move on. Boy, I nearly died laughing from some scenes. Meryl Streep was absolutely great as usual, and I love Alec Baldwin in this movie. A great combination. Meryl really knows her stuff. Which brings me to another great film. Grateful for having seen it and grateful for the memories. Which film am I talking about? Yes, ‘The Bridges of Madison County’. An oldie and goodie. Can’t believe that this film is 16 years old. I remember as if I saw it yesterday!  

I’m grateful that I found Blogger. I’m grateful that I’m writing and found a medium to express myself and sometimes even help others by voicing my thoughts, opinions, views and life experiences. I’m grateful to allow myself to ramble on like this.

Really grateful to already be filling out so much of my ‘bucket’ list. So grateful I’m finally able to enjoy the miracle in the moment. Grateful for these pivot thoughts: everything is unfolding perfectly. I’m living well being. I am an integrator. I create on so many levels and grateful to be finally able to accept that I am an inventor (in my work and as a quiltmaker). I’m grateful that whatever I think about, I bring about. I’m an organizer. I make dreams come true, not just my own but also of others. I’m ecstatic to realize that I can finally trust the flow I’m in. I want to transform. I want to lead with my light.

I’m grateful to have cleaned up my thoughts, that I have changed my perspective on things and able to say grace for the past one and half years.

Walk the talk   

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