Sunday, 16 October 2011

Attitude of gratitude is everything – week 41

The weeks are flying past! Why does time fly when you are happy and time goes slow when you are not? It is hard to imagine that this time last year I was searching for an answer to the question: what do I want to be when I grow up, what makes me happy, what am I truly searching for and why am I not moving! What is holding me back? I felt lost and was very unhappy. Funny how a change of scene can put everything in a different perspective. It is hard to remember how I struggled.

I am grateful that I can set things in motion. I’m even more grateful that I’ve found my place at work. It is really true that the single most efficient way to increase your productivity is to be happy at work. Happy people work better with others. Happy people are more creative. Happy people fix problems. Happy people have more energy. Happy people are more optimistic. Happy people are way more motivated. Happy people learn faster. It is really true, choose a job that makes you go…


The new company I work for allows room for both positive and negative emotions. It also allows room for spirituality. As a result, people are happy at work. I’m grateful that I decided to follow my heart when accepting this job offer, instead of choosing rationally. I didn’t base my decision on the salary, titles, perks and status.

‘’… social scientific research has largely confirmed the thesis that affect, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour can indeed spread through populations as if they were somehow infectious.’  This is also true for the workplace. Through experience I’ve learned to spend lots of time hanging around "happy people" and keeping my distance from "deeply unhappy" people. ‘….negative emotions exert a more powerful effect in social situations than positive ones, thanks to the phenomena of emotional contagion.’ 

I’m joyful that I could swap my regular yoga evening to another night. I’m absolutely blissful that I’m getting some extra light in my study! Yes, getting an extra roof window real soon, if it doesn’t rain coming Thursday. Pretty gratified after our shopping spree Saturday in Moers, Germany. It was fun shopping with my mum and MIL, especially on such a sunny autumn day. Smiling after hearing that I will get winter tyres for my car. Will be able to drive all those miles on cold and slippery roads because of rain, frost or snow and experiencing little stress. Still feeling pretty tickled after my phone call from my boss. But I’m most grateful for the feeling of elation nearly all this week.


"Be the change that you want to see in the world." ~ Ghandi

Walk the talk – show your attitude for gratitude!

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