Sunday, 25 September 2011

Gratitude post – week 38

I’m tickled to notice a change in me. I’m definitely more relaxed and self-assured. I have a dream and I know I’m able to make it reality.

Came across this quote I want to share. ‘Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so’ ~ Belva Davis.

By the way, Belva Davis is one amazing lady. As some readers of this blog have noticed. It has taken me some time to find myself a new dream. But it is funny to realise that now I have a dream, I too have acquired patience to let my dream unfold itself. I have all the time in the world. I’m convinced that it is not impossible, if I just keep my head and listen to my heart. I’m in the right environment to realize my dream. I applaud this mindset change. For this I’m grateful.

I’m thankful to those who helped me find my dream.

If you believe it, you can realize anything. Even this perfect Latte Macchiato.

IMG_6821I’m thankful that I was able to create time to be creative this week. I was able to work on my Dear Jane quilt and my Christmas stitchery quilt (‘tis the night before Christmas).

The weeks before Christmas make me merry. Love the preparation phase. Only 90 days to go! To not come empty handed to the ‘Tilda doll workshop’ in 3 weeks time, Aagje, my quilt teacher, convinced me to buy this.IMG_6830

The kit contains all the materials that you need for this Santa. I chose to make this one because of the sack with the reindeer and candy stick. If the workshop is a success and this doll is easy to make, I might even make the Santa with the drum, see the Santa on the book cover on your left.

I’m pleased that hubby and I were able to deliver the new TV to my mum. She might even go digital! Once she has made up her mind to get a decoder. I’m thankful that we can do this.

I felt exhilarated after my yoga session last Tuesday. I really love yoga! On the one hand it gives a sense of peace and on the other hand it gives energy. A paradox.

I’m delighted that the boss had decided to pay for the cleaning of the interior of my (lease) car. A dirty and poorly maintained car can really effect my mood. This proposition has made me a lot happier. I didn’t even have to nag too much.

Last but not least, I’m grateful for this beautiful warm autumn. I was hoping for an Indian summer and it looks like my wish came true. It is absolutely awesome. Even now, at 6pm, we have blue skies and the sun is making the evening look a lot brighter.

I’ve come to realize, change your thoughts and you will change your life.


Berna said...

Dat is een waarheid als een koe. Al heb je soms een beetje hulp nodig ;)
Tot morgen bij jou!

Judith said...

Sure sounds good helen! And enjoy yourselfs tomorrow!!

Elisa Black said...

Wow, Helen-- it sure sounds like you're in a good place and have lots of great things to be grateful for! I admire your attitude/outlook. Have a great week!

Rennie said...

With a little help from your friends kom je een eind in het leven. Love

Ruth's Place said...

Love your DJ progress, and I'm glad you are in a good space to make dreams come true.