Sunday, 4 September 2011

Gratitude post – week 35

I’m continually trying to be in a state of gratefulness. Not only on Sunday, when I make time to write this post and reflect on all the happenings of the past week, but I also try to acknowledge my gratitude on the other days of the week.

"Our favourite attitude should be gratitude" (source unknown).

Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling, emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. For some gratitude is treated as a duty. Which is an interesting concept to consider although the duty of gratitude is not to act but to feel a certain way.  Another concept to consider involves the idea of repayment, although gratitude is not simply the repayment of a debt, for the benefactor cannot demand gratitude in the way a creditor can demand repayment.

Gratitude should not be confused with indebtedness. It is not the same. We should feel gratitude for things that we cannot in any meaningful sense repay, such as life. What is required is a feeling of love or honour for the benefactor.

The experience of gratitude has historically been a focus of several world religions, and has been considered extensively by moral philosophers. With the advent of the positive psychology movement, gratitude has become a mainstream focus of psychological research. I try to be grateful not out of moral obligation or because of my religious beliefs. Feeling grateful gives me more control, allows for personal growth, gives me purpose and self-acceptance. I’m happier and more satisfied with my life. It helps me cope with difficulties in my daily life. Being grateful helps me be more positive.

The funny thing is that life just seems to get better when you’re in a state of gratefulness. Gratitude should really be our favourite attitude Happy

My list of things I’m grateful for

- being able to hear the violin concerto in G major – Allegro Moderation, from J. Haydn by Rachel Podger coming from the music room.

- that it was finally the 1st of September last Thursday and I could start working for my new employer. Love the positive attitude of my new colleagues and the entrepreneurship they seem to posses naturally.   

- that my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces had a good holiday in Sweden and came home safely.

- feeling bliss after picking up the new car and seeing that it is black. I think a car can be painted any colour so long as it is black. This is my degeneration of the remark Henry Ford made about the Model T that was brought into production in 1909.

- Saturday being a beautiful warm sunny day. Making it possible to barbecue outside with friends. We were able to sit outside till 9pm. I think this was one of the first and most probably only time this year.

- Raymond taking our wooden garden swing with him. We have been trying to get rid of it for some time, but no one wanted it. The swing was just too big for our backyard. Still I hope one day to have a porch swing (a two-seater), but I guess that means we need to move which won’t happen in the foreseeable future as we love where we live now.

- that hubby is such a clever man. At the moment he is connecting my mobile phones to the car, so that I can phone hands-free.

But most importantly, I’m thankful for the fact that I’ve found my rhythm again. I only wish for some more balance regarding my creativity-time. In my professional capacity I create solutions for clients but on personal level I also love creating works of art (quilts). Being able to create is a necessity. Only it is hard to find a balance allowing me to be creative on all levels.

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Rennie said...

Ik ben je dankbaar voor al je mooie woorden. Dan besef je je eigen rijkdom weer eens. Fijne zondag nog.