Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Christmas bee

Berna & I got together last Monday. Just showing off some of our work in this post. If you are curious, read on. If not, skip this post.

Look at this masterpiece Berna has made. The top is completed! Love the combination of classical embroidery and quilt blocks. 2011_09_26

Hubby was so kind to take some pictures. Lots of happy faces in these shots. 2011_09_261

Here is me busy stitching on the right hand panel of the ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ quilt. I really love this pattern from Crab-Apple Hill.


As some of you know, Berna, has started with the SBS. It is amazing how many blocks she has already done. Here are two. 2011_09_262

The block on the right was nearly done, but she finished it when she got home. She was only here for a short visit. I was soooooooooooo tired. Not even the coffee enabled me to stay up  longer. All the yawning gave me away. I couldn’t deny that I was kind of tired.

I enjoyed our bee very much, caught up on all that is happening and I’m looking forward to the next one. Can’t wait to see how many blocks Berna are completed by than.

I’m kind of hoping to be able to start on the third panel. Question: do you think I should take the stitchery with me onto the plane? Are you allowed to stitch while flying? What can you take onto the plane with you regarding quilting & stitching notions. Please share your experiences.


Annelies said...

I do love your Christmas stitchery very much !

Berna said...

Volgens mij kun je het rustig meenemen in het vliegtuig. Ik heb ook wel eens zitten borduren. Maar zorg dat je voldoende korte draadjes hebt want een schaar is uit den boze. Of je moet zo'n clovermesje hebben speciaal voor in het vliegtuig.
Ondanks dat je moe was, was het toch gezellig hoor! Volgende keer beter ;)

Judith said...

Ik heb aan mijn antique sampler gewerkt, ging prima. Wat dear Jane blokjes??

Ruth's Place said...

You will be able to take your needles for stitching, but you won't be able to take scissors.

You can buy thread cutters with a concealed blade.