Thursday, 22 September 2011

A baby Jane under construction!

It has been some time since I opened the box with all my Dear Jane stuff. Four whole weeks!! I even had forgotten how far I had gotten with G-9 ‘Mary’s Journey’. It won’t surprise you, it was a little disappointing to see what I still had to do. 

Oops, I better get on with it and draw some lines and cut-out the pieces! It is hard to see the lines on this dark fabric.They fade so quickly.


Together we are making some progress. In the second row you see my blocks on the left and Juud’s blocks on the right. In the top row some more completed blocks that Juud has made. Love the fabric!


I had an enjoyable evening last night and happy to realize I’m getting into the rhythm of the Dear Jane again. I just need to piece this baby Jane and I will have completed another block! Whoopee!

Juud showed me what she brought back from Ste Marie aux Mines. See the lovely fabrics and the autumn issue of Quiltmania?


But she also bought this book back from France. Which is a little funny as this quilter is Dutch. Will put this book on my wish-list! This lady has made some lovely quilts and isn’t it grand that she is sharing them with us?


If you want to read more about Juud’s trip, visit her blog by clicking here.

Lucky for me, only 9 more nights before we have our next Dear Jane bee.


Berna said...

Gezellig dat je weer even tijd had voor iets quilterigs met Juud. Helaas kan ik over 9 dagen nogniet aansluiten bij de bee ivm mijn quiltweekend maar ik zie je maandag at your place. Kunnen we evn bijkletsen want ik ben benieuwd naar je eerste ervaringen.
Goed weekend alvast!

Judith said...

Hi helen, t was super gezellig gisteren. Leuk om je blog te lezen, ik 'moet' het nog maken. Inmiddels heb ik bijna een blokje af. Lekker is dat toch. Geniet van je weekend en je beetje met berna!

Sunshine & Fabric said...

Looks fantastic. Very inspiring.

Rennie said...

Wat zien de blokjes er mooi uit. Knap hoor het is een hele klus, maar als je er weer een klaar hebt kan het ook zo'n heerlijk gevoel geven. Het zal echt een mooie Dear Jane worden.