Saturday, 6 August 2011

New lanyards!!!

My lanyard keychain was showing its age. So I thought lets get creative. So look what I made.


A lanyard keychain, with two cute buttons. Will be using this everyday as it contains my house key and car key. I was on a roll! I also made a lanyard for these lovely quilt pins. Can hang my scissors on it or a enrolee badge. Notice the AAQ pin and the Quiltersgilde pin! Hoping to add some more pins soon.

Like this one: image 

It was such an strenuous activity I had to have a nana nap afterwards.Eye-rolling 


Berna said...

Leuk idee!

Elisa Black said...

Love your lanyards! I'm sure you'll be adding lots more quilt pins after you go to Texas!!

Tinku said...

that's a wonderful lanyard , keep going..