Sunday, 14 August 2011

Gratitude post – week 32

Being in Gratitude is having a continuous attitude of appreciation for every thing and every one around you.

The grateful mind is constantly fixed on the best, therefore it will receive the best. ~ Wallace Wattles

I can now say that it is true that our hardest experiences tend to have been our greatest teachers and be the catalyst for our greatest growth and transformation.

I’m in a transition towards joyful gratitude: the natural sense of wonder that comes from appreciating life exactly as it is. I’m accepting me for who I am. For that I’m thankful. 

I believe character can take you where you want to go in life more so than anything else. There are three personality traits that will get you on the road to where you want to go. I think I have a more humble trait. Humble can be defined as "not proud or arrogant". When you have humility, you are less likely to offend anyone and people will naturally want to help you and be nice to you, at least that is what I think. I think humility is a good personality trait to have. It comes naturally to me. But this isn’t a good trait when living in the Netherlands. This sometime puts me in a difficult predicament, as I really believe if you are humble before people, people will be humble before you and give you whatever you want. I find people very off putting who think themselves to be better/more than ‘others’. I don’t think you should gloat about your achievements, as they usually aren’t just your own. Two other traits remain to be discussed: patience and charm. Career wise I have a lot of patience. Maybe too much patience and I don’t always take the lead when I really should. While writing this, I realize I should work on my charm. But why do I think so negatively about charm. I think I know! Some people I know are real charmers but while charming me, they are also being deceptive. I’ve been placed in some difficult situations by falling for their charms. But charm is not deceit. Charm can be a sincere personality. I think I need to work on this! Work on my charisma or ‘gift of grace’.

I found a blogger that I want to share with you. Nearly every post delights me and inspires me. It gets me wondering - if only I could write like Emily - comes to mind often. I love the analogy about the bench! Do check it out as the concept rocks. I’m looking for that place to be. My blog is a place to talk about things and share them with you. Blogger is giving me a place to do it. I prefer not to be in the spotlight. Yes, this is the humble Helen. Blogger provides me a bench to sit on and share. Believe me, when I say you won’t see me often on a stage like this one to share my thoughts and feelings. 


I’m glad that we are receiving all this rain. This is what is coming over at the moment. Nearly all of the Netherlands is covered by rain filled clouds.


It gives me time to read books on my Kindle, to write on my blog, to keep up on all the posts of other bloggers, to prepare for my new job & Houston, getting ready for a trip to the Harz, Germany, doing some stitchery and just ponder.

I’m rejoicing as I have finally decided which classes I will follow in Houston. Yesterday I enrolled and hope to hear from them soon if I can do all 5 classes. I’m doing two classes on hand appliqué. Maybe I might see you there. I’m not too impressed with my skill level so far. Hopefully I will learn some good & useful techniques. Do you find appliqué hard? If you do, I hope to meet you in HoustonSmile

I’m delighted for being able to meet up with an old friend last Monday. I hadn’t seen her for more than 8 years!! Funny, how it doesn’t feel like 8 years once you start talking.

Blithesome after a very enjoyable meal at an Arabian restaurant in Utrecht. The food was great and the company fantastic. If you are in the Netherlands do check it out: Badhu.

Tickled with these books:

IMG_6136 IMG_6132

Yes, I’m getting ready to go to Texas! I’m dreaming about the lone star quilt on the front cover. One day!

Have to share this quote: “I cried, and cried some more. I told God that I was weary of trying. And, God told me to quit trying. It doesn't sound like a revelation, but it feels like a revelation. Because I got it on a deeper level. I'm going to quit trying. When I forget, I'm going to remind myself. I'm going to do what I want to do; and I'm going to quit trying to do the rest. It's not the doing that's exhausting; it's the trying. The doing is exhilarating!” ~ Jan Denise

Feeling exhilarated with my simple happy life.

Have a good week!

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Elisa Black said...

Hi Helen! What a very thoughtful post. I am so excited for you about going to Houston!! It is going to be so amazing to do the interviews, take classes and see all the quilts (and possibly meet some blogger friends, I suspect-- or at least certainly make some new friends!)
Glad you are enjoying this time reading your kindle and some real books and getting together with friends and quilting. I think I'm a lot like you when it comes to the three personality traits you mentioned. The only thing I would say (and I should take this to heart, too) is be who you are-- if you are more humble and less of a charmer, then accept that and don't try to be something you're not. I don't think you have to "work on" being more of a charmer-- just be who you are and you will shine. Your gratitude posts are so nice to read, especially since I am really working on gratitude and presence/mindfulness in my life. I've just started a gratitude journal-- a small one that I can carry in my purse b/c I take too many things for granted, and I have so much to be grateful for. Thanks for your post. We are getting rain here today, which I am happy about, too- so I can get a few things done around the house (probably won't get to any quilting, though), and my plants are very happy. Thanks again for this lovely post!