Friday, 8 July 2011

Mid-summer bee

Last night the quilt-group came together.

2011_07_07_bee Jannie

It was great to see everyone again and catch-up on all that has been happening. Saw some lovely projects. Some of us did some quilting and others hand piecing. We are all proficient hand quilters. In the picture underneath you can see me busy with Justin’s Comet – G8. I really wanted to finish this baby Jane. 


It was a lovely summer evening and so we were able to work outside in Jannie’s garden. As you can see I completed – G8!!!! I was even able to start on the Bennington Star - H7

2011_07_07_bee Jannie2Got this lovely book real cheap from Tonny. Tonny, thanks for thinking of me. Started reading it straight after getting home. It will take me some time to get through it. There are more than 500 pages to go through!!!


Had to take some pictures of Jannie’s vegetable patch, actually, her husbands. Look at the large cabbage and lettuce. You will also find some potatoes growing and beans. This is one real huge vegetable patch. I don’t think they need to buy many vegetables. I suppose they just go into the garden and get what they want to eat.2011_07_07_bee Jannie1

Had a great evening. Life can’t get any better when you are able to combine quilting with quilting friends and warm summer evenings.

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Elaine said...

HI Helen,
I love your photography! I especially enjoy your photo colages! How do you make your photo groupings? I'm on the learninng curve with blogging. I went to the library and checked out Blogging for Dummies, hoping I can learn more and make mine more interesting.

I'll make a post this afternoon :)

Blessings to you,