Monday, 18 July 2011

Houston, here I come

Isn’t this unexpected??? Actually, I still hardly can believe it myself. The last couple of days I’ve been contemplating signing up as a volunteer for the Quilters’ S.O.S. – Save Our stories project. Well this morning I made my decision. I’m going to assist the team in documenting the stories of quiltmakers at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Isn’t that cool?

This means I need to check-out flights, accommodation, weather, workshop schedules, etc. To help me plan, I first did a search on Google Maps. I mean where is Houston? I also looked up where the convention centre is. 
Grotere kaart weergeven

Next on my list is what is the weather like in Autumn? It seems it is quite warm in Houston, with temperatures averaging from 20 to 28 °C during the day. Compared to the Netherlands that means I can take my summer clothes with me. Cool fronts that move through the region during the fall can bring rain. Well, we have lots of rain in our summer so that won’t discourage me and I do expect I won’t be bothered much as I will be inside the George R. Brown Convention Centre most of the time, interviewing quiltmakers in the morning!! How cool is that? It is still a little unreal, can’t believe I am really going to the International Quilt Festival?

Oops, it seems hurricanes can move into the area from the Gulf of Mexico bringing heavy rains and high winds. Lucky for me, most years see little or no significant hurricane activity. Will look for a sturdy hotel! But flooding seems to be more frequent in October and November. I guess I need to take my wellies

imageI’ve adjusted my iGoogle and added the weather widget, as well as a time clock widget for Houston. Time difference is 7 hours.

I’m on a roll, just booked my room at the Hyatt Regency.  My room looks huge. I expect I might need to get used to that. Everything seems to be huge in Texas.

It is slowly becoming real. In 105 days I’ll be in the States. I still need to check the workshop & lecture schedule, but I still have plenty of time to do that. Naturally I hope to do some sightseeing. Although I do realize I’m only there for 6 days. Will see which tours are available, here.

This is all very unexpected but I’m thrilled that I’m going to be a volunteer for the Q.S.O.S. at the 2011 Houston Quilt Festival and also be able to visit the festival too.  I think I better start saving, so that I have enough cash to buy lots of fabrics and quilt notions.


Judith said...

Well done, way jealous!!

suz said...

I'm sure you'll have a blast, but be prepared. Houston is not just hot, but humid! I went 2 years ago, left New England with a heavy jacket, arrived in Houston and walked outside into a wall of humidity - thought I would die! Apparently it's not unusual. The show is fantastic, though, and well worth the trip.

Marié said...

O Helen I am so glad for you! Enjoy it. (Remeber to get fir before the time, you have miles of walking to do between the quilts and the vendors!

Berna said...

Wat een plannen! Leuk!

quiltmom said...

I am sure you will have a fantastic time _ the show looks like it would be amazing with all that quilt talent in one place never mind all those gorgeous quilts to see and fabric to buy..
Have a great time.
Warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi, super! Dat heb je mooi geregeld! Het lijkt me fantastisch. Zul je wel een beetje aan ons denken daar! Mirjam

teresa said...

Oh Wow... what an amazing experience and adventure you are going to have. Lucky you and I wish you the very best time in Houston. Thanks you for stopping by my blog today and leaving a lovely comment. xx

Miranda said...

Wat een lucky thing you are! Heerlijk voor jou om zo heerlijk dicht bij de quiltjes te mogen zijn...en hun verhalen te mogen horen...Veel plezier bij de voorbereidingen!

Anonymous said...

See you in Houston!!! Wij zitten in de Embassy Suites. Twee jaar terug in nde Hyatt: geweldig hotel en HEERLIJK ontbijt... Fijne dga,

Elisa Black said...

Wow, Helen!! That is so cool!!! You are so lucky!! How excited are you?? I visited Houston once about ten years ago in the spring. It was fun. I'm so excited for you!! Congratulations!!

Amy Milne said...

We're excited you're joining us, Helen!! You're right on about the Houston weather--could be hot, could be humid, could be breezy though. Last year it was all the above. Take plenty of layers and comfie shoes. As Karey Bresenhan, one of the founders of Festival, says "At Festival, fashion stops at the knees."

If any of your readers will be attending Festival and they'd like to volunteer for QSOS we'd love to meet you! Email me for more information:

Thank you, Helen!!

Elaine said...

Helen I'm so excited for you to have this wonderful opportunity! What a delight to have a part in documenting history! I hope you embrace Texas with gusto! I lived in outside of Dallas for 2 years, but never made it to Houston. I'll look forward to hearing about your adventures :)

Blessings to you,