Sunday, 3 July 2011

the Edible Wall

I want one of these, a edible wall, to grow my own fresh herbs and maybe even some vegetables. How cool is this?


I now only have to figure out how much this is. Hopefully not too expensive. Will have to contact my local garden centre for more information.


Elisa Black said...

That is totally cool!!

Berna said...

Ik heb het wel eens in tuintijdschriften zien staan maar geen idee waar en voor hoeveel het hier te koop is.
Je crusher ziet er indrukwekkend uit ;)

Sales Team Edible Wall said...

Hello Helen,
Just order at
We are designer and producer of the Edible Wall™ or Eetbare Wand®.
The costs are low. Optional you can order a metal frame and/ or an irrigation computer to it.
Inquire for more details if you wish.
We too think it's totally cool, especially when next year the indoor unit will come to market.