Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dear Jane & other quilts

As I mentioned here, I would show you some of Karin’s works.

2011_07_16_DJ bij Karin1

I’m so jealous of her SBS (Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler) and even more jealous of the pin she received from Jennifer Chiaverini's for completing this quilt. I really should start figuring out how I can spend my time more wisely. She even has some quilts pilled up upon on a trunk, another thing I would love to have. The Canadian Star is also a beauty. As is the Dresden block, made from 30’s repro fabric. I must jot down all the names next time I take pictures. I’ve forgotten what the other ones are called.

By the way the tie quilt was bought at a market! Karin didn’t make this one herself. This quilt comes with a great story. You must ask her about it when you meet her.

Again I have to say, I’m really happy having met these quilters (sisters). You guys are great!

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