Friday, 29 July 2011

‘De Quilthoeve’ in Naaldwijk

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go to Naaldwijk to visit the Quilthoeve. I though it would be around the corner and on hindsight I misjudged the distance. Boy, was it a long drive. Nearly 1,5 hours!!

Grotere kaart weergeven

Gave my regards from Berna to Wendy. It was Berna's post that made me want to visit this quilt shop. I can tell you it was worth the trip. Look at these pictures:


Look at that happy smiling Helen in the right hand corner. Underneath you can see some of my purchases. Not all at quilt relatedEmbarrassed Absolutely love the little wooden houses.


If you want to visit too, just click here. Would love to visit again sometime. Maybe I can encourage some of my quilter friends to join me in a Quilt Verwendag (translation: Quilt Pamper Day).

As I had some time on my hands, I drove towards the sea after finishing shopping.


Grotere kaart weergeven

After my walk, I drove back to Capelle aan den IJssel to meet up with a friend for diner. Compared to the previous drive, this was a very short drive of only 40 minutes!


Berna said...

Ooo je bent ook in de snoepwinkel geweest. Gaaf he?
En wat een leuke aankopen heb je gedaan.
Vervolgens nog even uitwaaien aan zee. Je hebt een topdag gehad.
Goed weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh No! We were in Naaldwijk just a few months ago on vacation (tulip spotting, wow) and I didn't know about this shop. Now we'll have to go back....