Thursday, 21 July 2011

Another baby Jane completed

Should I post this on my other blog or should I post it here. Decisions, decisions. As I don’t have much time today, here will have to do.


This is what the postman brought this week. Aren’t they lovely?


Will be washing them this weekend & let them hang to dry. Naturally, I will than iron them and then they will be put away till I need it for another baby Jane. I do think I now have enough civil war repro fabrics!


Berna said...

Mooi blokje en prachtige stofjes zo te zien. En wat snel! Vorige week moest je ze toch nog bestellen? Of was dat voor je kerstquilt?
Fijne dag!

Elisa Black said...

Congrats on finishing another Baby Jane block!! How exciting to receive all that fabric!!