Thursday, 16 June 2011

Holiday fun

What to do when it rains and your having a holiday.

2011_06_16_dear jane-1

You get out your Dear Jane stuff

2011_06_16_dear jane2-1

Admire the peony roses.

2011_06_16_dear jane1-1

Being surprised by some sunshine

2011_06_16_dear jane3-1

Distracted by the door bell as the postman came and delivered this parcel. I don’t know why the package was in this bag, maybe because he didn’t want the Amazon cardboard box to get wet. 


This was what was inside


It was a good day, even if it did rain nearly all day. We even had some thunder. Can’t think of a better time to get some preparations done for the Dear Jane.

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Elisa Black said...

We've had beautiful summer weather lately, but I do have to admit that I loved having a rainy day to do sewing stuff, too. Hope you're having a wonderful vacation and getting to work on some of your Dear Jane blocks, too!