Sunday, 5 June 2011

Gratitude post – week 22

Being Grateful is very under-rated. After nearly 6 months of writing my weekly gratitude post I realize that it is important for your happiness not to only focus on your dreams and goals, but also to appreciate the things you already have and focus on what you have already accomplished. Being in Gratitude - is having a continuous attitude of appreciation for every thing and every one around you. Being grateful refocuses my priorities. Being grateful allows me to enjoy the good in my life. Being grateful is even improving my physical well-being!!! It is even empowering. I’m also discovering that gratitude is really increasing my personal power. I’m thankful for the last 12 months as I’m realizing that this experience has been one of the greatest teachers and having survived this experience acts as a catalyst for my greatest growth and transformation yet.


I’m grateful that the admittance of my MIL to the ER Thursday night late and the outcome of all diagnostic tests weren’t too serious. Today, Sunday, she was discharged from hospital. Some life-style changes need to be enforced and in the next couple of weeks her medication will be monitored and reviewed. We had a little scare but all will be ok. 

Absolutely blissful after receiving a phone call this week. Feeling intoxicated, energized and empowered after this call. My self-confidence has also improved tremendously. I’m grinning from ear to ear. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will ruin this feeling for the next couple of days. Getting feedback from a very important executive about my professionalism also boosted my confidence.

Feeling satisfied after a hard days work in the front garden.

2011_06_04_front yard & BBQ-1

Saturday, hubby trimmed the hedges. I cleared up all the leafage. Looks pretty good!! As you can see, this was very much needed.


A little merry after a lovely evening BBQ-en with friends. It was the perfect summer evening, great food and delightful company.

Elated after finishing my homework, just in time for my next meeting. Needed to focus on my passions, aspirations and ambitions. Writing a life-line is quite time consuming. Spend nearly all of Sunday morning thinking and writing. Loved creating my life-line. A life-line is a chart that shows the major events in someone's life in chronological order. Funny that afterwards, in just a glance, you do see patterns & reoccurring themes. You also see that difference phases in my life, offered its particular physical, psychological and social challenges. I guess I’ll be expanding my life-line with more information about significant events and  minor events in the next couple of weeks. I enjoyed doing this exercise. Do try it for yourself. It is very insightful.  

All in all, I’m thankful for all that has happened this week and for all the people I’ve met. I continue being in Gratitude.

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