Friday, 13 May 2011

Quilting season - spring 2011 - has come to an end

Like to share some pictures of the last quilting get-together for this season. 2011_05_12_fietsgroep

Some of the quilters are going for Japanese quilting. Next season they will be learning this old technique. It looks lovely.


I signed myself up for a 3-day workshop to learn how to make a Bargello quilt. Will be checking out, those jelly rolls coming weeks!! Contemplating on the primary colour of this quilt to be.


Spring 2012 I’ll be doing a 3-day workshop on convergence quilting.

During the last lesson I worked on my log cabin quilt, using my new sewing machine to make the blocks. I hadn’t thought it would be so easy and fun. Tomorrow I don’t have much planned, I think I might make some more, but firstly cut some strips. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of my works last night. Will definitely make some pictures of my efforts tomorrow to show my progress on this quilt.


Elisa Black said...

Hi Helen!! That looks like such a wonderful and inspiring gathering of quilters!! Lots of different works there. I really like the indigo Japanese quilting-- I amd a big fan or asian prints (I currently have 3 UFOs with asian panels in them). Can't wait to see your work on the log cabin yesterday and today in your next post!

Berna said...

Ook afgelopen seizoen zijn er weer mooie dingen gemaakt. Goed dat je nu voor de workshops hebt gekozen.
Goed weekend en tot maandag! (BIJ JOU haha)