Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Monday night Trunk show

A trunk show is a special event within the quilting community in which an artist or designer puts on a special display of his or her work. They are referred to as "trunk shows" because a designer will literally show up with a trunk of quilts to show off. They are also referred to trunk shows because quilts used to be kept in trunks and this way travelling became easier. These days the trunks are exchanged for suitcases. Large suitcases!

Here is an impression of Lynette Anderson’s trunk show last Monday.  Petra Prins organized this. 2011_05_02_LynetteAndersonThere is even a picture of me and Lynette Anderson. A lovely lady to meet. I loved the work she showed. 2011_05_02_LynetteAnderson1I loved the quilt displayed underneath.IMG_3991 I bought the pattern, Springtime Needlecase. I had a lovely evening and have become very inspired. 2011_05_02_LynetteAnderson2-1

In the collage above you also see where the trunk show was been held, in De Born. I’m sure lots of people recognize this. It is a lovely location in Zutphen. Here you find the historical almshouses of Zutphen. ‘Oude Bornhof’ is definitely worth your visit. The pictures were take in the evening and don’t do it justice. Followers of my blog have seen many other pictures of this location on this blog and my Dear Jane Quilt blog. A rich gentleman (Borro) suggested in 1320 that his estate should be used for housing the elderly after his passing. In a statute of Zutphen from 1755 it was recorded that citizens in the Old Bornhofen had to be of high moral character, had to have had lived at least ten years in Zutphen, they had to be between fifty and sixty years of age, and were either Reformed, Lutheran or Mennonite, and had donate all their possessions to the estate before they were able to take residency in the Old Bornhofen. Interesting!


judith said...

Helen, dank je wel voor deze foto collage! Ziet er super uit, jammer genoeg kon ik er zelf niet bij zijn. Maar nu dus toch nog een beetje.

Deborah said...

I've been having my own trunk show over at my blog, showing off unfinished projects and vintage material that I've inherited from my grandmother.