Sunday, 22 May 2011

Metaphor of my life


I’ve dreamed of sailing on this ship for a long time. So when I was accepted as a crew member I felt proud. The first year on this ship was hard work. But I got the hang of it as a deckhand. The next 3 years I sailed over many oceans and the jobs were bountiful. I enjoyed working with the other deckhands. But I have to admit the romance of “running away to sea” overshadows the hard work and trying conditions of life aboard. But with perseverance I mastered the skills needed to live aboard this beautiful & grand ship. This tall ship docked at many piers and always received a hearty welcome. Than one day the captain wanted to expend his fleet. We sailed away with more deckhands and now we had 3 captains on the ship. We crossing fast oceans. For a while we all performed our jobs as usual until the outbreak of a mutiny. Despite strong words and threats heard on both sides, the ship was taken bloodlessly and without struggle by any of the loyalists. Of the 60 men on board, 30 joined the mutiny, 20 were passive, and 10 were cast overboard. With a different captain, 50 of us sailed away towards a bountiful island far away. But this time things were different on board. How hard we all tried we weren’t able to decide as a team on the direction to go. We have a team that is technically excellent but have to conclude that there is no personal chemistry. Sailing should be easy but does require that everyone acts on the captain's commands, perform their own duties first and then help others, get the job done, fast and easy. For a long time it was unclear who my captain was, it was therefore hard mastering these sails on this tall ship. Due to the constant changing of directions and hard winds, he sails started to tare slowly. The conditions on the ship started to deteriorate. On one of our pursuits trying to get to the island, we were confronted by unexpected rough seas. We were tossed around by forces beyond our control. At that time one hopes, the skies clear and the ship rights itself, and we can cruise through crystal blue waters again, the sun beating down on our shoulders, and that we barely remember this condition. Sadly, I have to tell that we got shipwrecked. On the orders of the captain a small group of us, were ordered to evacuate the ship to ensure the ship would stay afloat.


‘Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty’ Thomas Jefferson

I can’t be described as timid so with mighty perseverance I swam the tempestuous waters towards the island. I reached the shore with more energy than I expected. I felt liberated. I guess I have the traits of a survivor! Survivors meet life’s challenges with confidence; they improvise, adapt, and overcome. I love it here on the beach. You won’t believe it but I’m actually smiling. I’m actually able to make light of the difficulties I’m facing and placing myself above them. I’m amazed that I can continue on through this adversity even when there is conflicting information and uncertainty. I’m improvising on the spot, quickly finding new workable ways where none existed before. So here I am standing alone on this beautiful beach, facing inland and looking at these majestic mountains, focusing not on my fears but on my strengths.



S ........ Size up the situation STOP
U....... Use all your senses.....undue haste ...... makes waste
R ....... Remember where you are
V........Vanquish Fear and Panic
I ........ Improvise
V.......Value Living
A.......Act like the natives
L ...... Live by your wits and continue to ............ learn more

“To conquer oneself is a greater task than conquering others” Budda

Let the walk begin!!



Judith said...

Deep thoughts on An early sunday morning. Quite à story to wake up too.

Anonymous said...

Tekst en bijpassende foto's: zeer ontroerend!!
Blijf je focussen op je eigen kracht!