Sunday, 29 May 2011

Gratitude post – week 21

Thankful that I was able to find some time getting my finances in order. This chore is becoming a ritual. Love moving money aroundDont tell anyone.

Euphoric when I found this cd on my pillow Friday night. imageFeeling very jovial. Isn’t hubby sweat? Absolutely love big bands and jazz.

Buoyant after finally meeting her! Somehow she came across my blog and clicked on my Facebook Badge. The rest is history. Do you know that feeling when you meet up with someone and it feels like you have known each other for donkey years. So many similarities and with only a few words you know the other person understands. Is this what they mean when one speaks of kindred spirits? She is Dutch but has lived abroad for a long time. She too knows by experience how difficult it is to integrate in Dutch society. According to my old friend, Mirjam, we even look similar. Which is funny as she is blond and I’m a brunette. She is slim  and tall and I’m a little full-bodied Wink. Anyway, I think I’ve found a new friend who loves quilting too. Looking forward to our next meeting. 

Chuffed, after a successful shopping spree Friday morning and midday Saturday. Bought some clothes for work and other related activities. Need to look smart in certain situations! Also bought a new bag.


Absolutely love it. It is big! So if you see someone trying to find her keys and it takes forever, that is most probably meSmile

Satisfied after having a lovely dinner here last night. 


Grinning when experiencing how effective this mindset is ‘change your thoughts, change your outcome’. I’ve been feeling elated and empowered for some time now.

Happily looking forward to this trip. England, here we come!


The route on the left side is our trip up to the Lake District and the route on the right side is our trip back to Dover.

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judith said...

well being refered to as tall and slim is a very good beginning. I loved meeting up with you. We met and just talked and talked and talked. I am certain that we will get to see lots and lots more of eachother.