Sunday, 15 May 2011

Gratitude post – week 19

I’m grateful to perceive personal growth and change of attitude after reading an e-mail last Wednesday. I’m able to see that I have no control over the situation so I’m letting it go. I’m also not responsible for what is happening and my actions will not change the situation. So I have stopped the chase and decided to be a witness.

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,

love is knowing I am everything,

and between the two my life moves.

(Nisargadatta Maharaj).

I become euphoric when reading this book: Change your thoughts change your life. Living the wisdom of the Tao.  I try to read a verse – chapter every night. I try to do the Tao now. Incorporate what I’ve learned. If you have 10 minutes view this clip. If you want to change, practice the Tao.


Feeling sunny after playing 9 holes this morning. Love our approach to golf. Lara is a great golfing partner. It is a rainy day today, but somehow we remained dry. Left the course with a big smile on my face.

Connecting with old acquaintances has been set into motion. Past year I’ve lost touch with some people as all my energy went towards ‘me’. It’s great to experience that our relationship hasn’t been affected by this – it doesn’t matter. Had a nice date on Monday and Friday afternoon. Met up with some very inspirational and insightful people, who I hope to meet up with again soon.  

Merry about quilting. Had a lovely Thursday evening behind my new sewing machine. Loving the ease that I experiencing while sewing the log-cabin blocks.  Still enjoying my Pfaff. By the way, enrolled in two 3-day workshops. Really looking forward to acquiring new skills and improving old ones.

Grateful that hubby is back home safe from his two-day trip to the UK.

Feeling blithesome as the countdown for our trip to the Lake District can start. 

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Elisa Black said...

Hi Helen-- thanks for posting about the Wayne Dyer book and video clip. We have a copy of Tao te Ching and for me, it does have a lot of wisdom to it. And I need to re-visit it and be reminded of it I added a number of points (from the video clip) to my quotes journal, which I refer to frequently. Glad you were able to recognize and let go when you needed to this week. And that you got some quilting in!! I've been doing some quilting collage/art quilting this week, but nothing significant enough to post about yet. When is your trip?? We are planning a week of camping in August this year. Looking forward to your next post!