Sunday, 10 April 2011

Wistful Sunday evening

I did some quilting and it makes me wistful! If only all evenings can be like this. There is nothing like a Sunday evening with a quilt on your lap and needle and thimble in the hand. These feathered blocks are really time consuming but love the result of hand quilting.

Finished the first quarter of the last row of Zoë’s quilt.




Don’t you love the pictures underneath? A mingle of entrancement & alertness.  A paw on the armrest to keep you cool, the hind legs in the sun and eyes nearly open. I guess it was a wistful Sunday for Teddy too. If only it could be like this everyday.




Berna said...

Ziet er goed uit Helen. Het eind is in zicht.

Sunshine & Fabric said...

Just lovely - yes the handstitching is worth it.