Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekly Gratitude post – week 13

Sometimes you come across something that depicts what you want to say. Just click here and watch.

“Almost everyone who goes through downsizing or lay-offs also discovers that the experience helped them develop important qualities like resourcefulness, creativity, tenacity, persistence, patience and optimism,”  Thank you BJ Gallagher for putting my experience into words. This week it was one year ago that we learned that the company I work for would be taken over. It has been a rough year but I’m thankful to experience that what I do is important.

I’m delighted for discovering ‘Lost’, yes the TV-series. I’m most probably one of the last ones on earth who finally discovered this series! ‘Lost ’ aired on ABC between 2004 and 2010, consisting of six seasons. I can now watch at my own pace, as we have all six seasons!image

After having watched the first 14 episodes, I think I’m addicted. Luckily I can watch a couple of episodes after each other as the producers were really great in creating cliff-hangers. I don’t think I could have handled the anticipation of having to wait for next weeks episode. I’m however pondering on why I missed the ‘hype’.

Pleased to have discovered this singer.

Jubilant that my trip to Brussels wasn’t too uneventful. My Sat Nav did his job well. Getting to the hotel was easy, while it was situated right in the centre of Brussels. It amazes me again and again that Belgians aren’t great in road sign markings. Especially getting out of the city was a challenge. Sadly, I saw no signs to lead me to the highway home, until I was right out of the city. I don’t know how I did it, but I managed driving through the Red Light District of Brussels at 8 am. Felt a little out of place. I’m really thankful the road wasn’t long and my car can be locked from the inside.

I’m really chuffed that I didn’t end op seeing the inside of the ER. Instead of gracefully walking of the podium after my presentation, I kind of made a misstep and flew. Do you see me flapping my arms trying to regain my balance going down a flight of stairs? Somehow, I came down on my two feet only having to climb back up as some people from the audience wanted to ask some questions.

IMG_3246 I’m quite pleased to have survived this week.  Hoping next week will be less eventful.

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