Wednesday, 13 April 2011


This morning I can conclude that Teddy is alright. I was however a little worried last night. When I got home from work there was vomit and diarrhea soiled throughout the house. Needed to wash bed linen and sanitize carpet and floor in living room, hallway and my study. It took me nearly a hour.  When he didn’t come to greet me when I opened the front door I knew something was up. It seems he has slept it off. He is his old annoying self this morning.


I’ll be keeping my eye on him for the next couple of days, as I’m still a little concerned. Contemplating whether a visit to the vet is in order.

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Kris said...

Good morning, Helen!! I hope Teddy is feeling better!!! Maybe he ate something out in the garden and just needed to get it out of him!! He is just too darling!! Take care!! Kris